Sunday, 30 December 2012

Junior Gold Producer Valuation Comparisons - BMO

A detailed analysis of a series of producing juniors for relative valuation by BMO, recently discussed at the Northern Miner......

Juniors that Cheered the Market in 2012

Article from Mining Markets with 8 of the all too few exploration discoveries from 2012, quite a number of which have fallen back hard, perhaps offering another chance to consider, others still leading.


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Japan's New Carry Trade Reflation - Evans Pritchard

From Evans Pritchard's Column.

 The profound shift in economic strategy by the world’s top creditor nation could prove a powerful tonic for the global economy, with stimulus leaking into bourses and bond markets - a variant of the "carry trade" earlier this decade but potentially on a larger scale.......more

PWC - Junior Mining / Australian / Major Mining Reports

An annual review of the top 100 venture companies and sector issues.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Junior Silver M&A - First Majestic to Buy Orko Silver

First Majestic is a well rated growth silver Miner, here again using a strong stock price to acquire a long standing junior silver developer, Orko, with its Preciosa deposit for $380m, a premium of 70% to recent prices.
Orko have a resource estimate of 110m oz resource and 154m oz inferred and still awaiting a PEA to consider open pit mining economics.
Pan American Silver previously decided not to proceed with a right to earn into the project. ........

Abe wins Japanese Election - Global Print?

Will Japan do "unlimited easing"
Good for gold, or a mirage strong US$ ?

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Couer D'Alene Buy Mirasol's Interest in Joaquin Silver Project

The Joaquin project is in Argentina, which has seen investors running scared of project nationalisation, risks of being unable to take cash and profits out of the country and some more localised permitting issues.

Gold Junior M&A - Primero Acquire Cerro Resources

Primero are one of the juniors in Mexico with a Goldcorp relationship/history.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

John Kaiser - Discovery Cycle Coming

Kaiser expounds on his thesis, detailed in recent links to his articles at this blog, that the trading culture on the TMX is killing the junior sector.

Kaiser emphasises that a resource discovery cycle is coming after a resource feasibility cycle.
Rick Rule has also suggested the shock  will be the discovery cycle to come.
It is the smallest juniors which will drive new discoveries.

Golden Points to Ponder - Rick Mills

A good overview, familiar from a number of presentations by Mining leaders previously posted here, summarising the shortage of large gold discoveries, the reducing grade and quality of deposits and the growing attractiveness of low total cost deposits and discoveries held by junior companies.

At Ahead of the Herd

Rick Rule - Sprott Asset Management - Largest Capital in the world now entering the Gold & Silver Space

Interview with Rick Rule at KWN

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Mylchreest - Thunder Road - The Ultimate Bubble is in Money itself - Gold & Silver "Go To" Assets

Paul Mylchreest's Thunder Road Report now published by Seymour Pierce is deep reading on Gold and on its place during Long Wave Kondratieff cycles.........

Brent Cook - Profiting from the Dismal State of Gold Miners and Explorers

Cook raises similar issues to Kaiser (see recent post) but sees a mining industry that is in dire need of quality economic discoveries.

Friday, 7 December 2012

John Kaiser - Venture Market Survey and Finding One Big Anomaly

These papers by the ever analytical John Kaiser have been widely referenced by the likes of Rick Rule and Brent Cook.

Gold Junior Merger - Keegan and PMI Ventures to form Asanko Gold

Two neighbouring junior gold developers in Ghana are to merge utilising Keegan's $200m cash to advance PMI's Obotan deposit into production during 2014 at 200koz pa and develop Keegan's Esaase project by 2017 to create a 400k oz pa producer. They should now be fully funded to progress.

Gold Junior Financings - Aureus & Midway

A few are getting money recently to Develop mines

Midway in Nevada for $70m

Aureus - in Liberia for $80m

Gold Junior M&A - Maudore propose Merger with Eagle Hill

Maudore propose merger with Eagle Hill, consolidation of their Windfall Lake deposit with Noront's stake and financing.
Propose synergies with Comtois deposit.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

San Francisco Hard Assets Companies

A Review at the always interesting Metal Augmentor

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Gold as a Tier 1 Bank Asset - Sprott

There has been discussion for some time around gold's potential to re-enter the monetary system with an increased weighting on bank balance sheets if "Basel III" / BIS rulings change the risk weightings to be applied. Sprott makes clear there is still much to be confirmed.