Saturday, 21 September 2013

Pat DiCapo on Junior Gold Investment

Interesting interview form an influential investor in the gold space.

Gold Junior Webcasts from Colorado Precious Metals Summit

I don't have the best connection but good quality webcasts from a number of interesting Gold & Silver Juniors over 3 days' presentations.

Red Kite Mine Finance - Orion Mine Finance

A story noted by both IKN and CEO.CA
Lewnowski wanted to pursue a strategy of building a portfolio of smaller mining firms while RK believed mining finance should be strictly tied to offtake agreements, said a source with knowledge of the matter, declining to be identified. 
Their list of previous transactions is a very mixed bag... One of the first ATW was a disaster for stock-holders, Great Basin went bust, Norseman Gold fell hard. But perhaps if you provide the finance secured on assets there is something to be gained, Golden Predator, now America;s Bullion Royalty look set to lose assets to Red Kite. Some of the other companies in the deals are more respected.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

September FOMC - No Tapering

The Fed announcement.......

Hochschild Look for Acquisitions

London listed Silver Miner Hochschild currently operate in Peru, Mexico and Argentina and are developing, to the surprise of many, the Volcan project, ex Andina, in Chile. 
They currently produce 20m oz and target 30m oz in 2015.
They may now look to acquire in Canada, US, Brazil and Colombia.
Spending $50m on exploration after cuts.

Monday, 16 September 2013

OT - Arctic Monkeys AM

New album from the Sheffield boys

Mining Jurisdiction Risk - Mexico Raises Mining Royalties

A reminder of the importance of jurisdiction in selecting mining investments.
I have seen previous discussion of the risk that Mexico will suffer from a heavy dependency on declining oil exports and will look to the mining sector to compensate.
It appears this process may be starting with a 7.5% royalty plus 0.5% sales tax. HERE
This on the same day as Torex announced resources and potential at Media Luna

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Mines & Money Hong Kong 2013

While this conference was in March it looks to have been one of the bigger events linking Asian finance with primarily Australian miners but also plenty of Canadian and others, over 300 exhibitors.

Post-show document

Toronto Resource Investment Conference 2013

While there are 167 larger companies presenting at the Denver Gold show the retail and junior miners / explorers through Cambridge House in Toronto look very thin on the ground suggesting previous higher company turnouts had been paid for before the big market downturns. Many of the exhibitors are newsletters and publications rather than companies.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Li Ka-shing's CEF Holdings looks to resources and Gold Miners ?

As noted by Lawrence Roulston mining buyers may come from outside the sector aswell as from within.
CEF Holdings, a venture between Li Ka-shing's flagship company and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), is looking to invest in gold mining companies after a slump in prices created buying opportunities.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Denver Gold Show - 2013

The big conference. Likely M&A targets are here.
The audience is institutional rather than retail so big money looks here.
From the schedule it appears that the dates are organised by company type so the dates in the company list below should be useful.

Company lists below, plenty of companies attending.
There may be some promotion but the site suggests "attendance may be limited due to unusual demand" which I do not recall last year. Is there a sign that institutions are looking at the values in the sector?
The links on company name are to some tidy company summary pages including top shareholderscapital structures and presentations after the conference.
Company websites may have updated presentation/powerpoints earlier.

Precious Metals Summit Conference 2013

Conference Season. Webcasts usually follow


AMEC - Australian Exploration Conference 2013

September Conference season

10 Cashed Up Juniors

Mining Markets, the Northern Miner's quarterly magazine reviews 10 cashed up companies with potential.

Part 1 - HERE
Part 2 - HERE