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Tracking the big gold and silver junior exploration drill hole and discovery stories, "One big anomaly" as John Kaiser might put it: latest at the top of the page.

Charts with the stories. Stock list to develop at the bottom of the page - watch market cap, elephants find it harder to gallop. At $10-20m market cap stock prices can move fast, at $200m the discovery needs to be very significant.
Look at the market caps of established developers with NI 43-101 compliant resources to recognise speculative excess for what it is while it lasts and remember it takes a lot more than one good hole to make a deposit and a whole lot more still to make a mine.

The discovery headlines link to the TMX website where you should be able to click on details for the company and latest news.
Find the Story at Company websites, linked on company names, the jabber at Stockhouse.
Or trade the charts.

Focus here is on big discovery holes.
Use Brent Cook's drill interval calculator (right side bar) to assess dependency on high grade intervals over the hole length. Deeper holes need to he higher grade. Near surface, long intervals can make economic mines at much lower grades.

These are the wild rides, the stocks everyone wants, until they don't or there is a disappointing hole.
Many speculators will take a view to sell the news unloading to new investors. Often fundraisings are made on the good news with high levels of promotion to maximise price, afterwards some investors will keep warrants but sell stock after hold periods.
Beware - you might want to take a long term view, others won't.
Go do the due diligence to decide if the potential is there to buy pullbacks to get in. The great discoveries may not pull back quickly, you may want to buy partial % positions of your target holding.
The best discoveries will grow for quite some time. Decide your trading strategy, buy dips, sell greed but don't sell the great discoveries too soon..... tough game...!

To try and identify these before discovery is harder but look around the Regional Discovery, Good People and other pages.

5th November 2013
Barisan Gold (BG.v) - Indonesia
Barisan Gold Intersects 262 Metres of 1.0% Copper Equivalent in Hole UTD-003 at Its Upper Tengkereng Prospect

BG Shareholders Equity (Quarterly) Chart

15th August 2013
Ginguro Exploration (GEG.v) - JV with Endurance Gold (EDG.v)
Ginguro Advises of High Grade Gold Finds at Pardo
29th August 2013  - Ginguro Samples 40.1 g/t Gold Along 22.5 Meters at Pardo 007 Zone
Rob McEwen Insider ?
Still channel samples rather than drill holes? S.African Reef Gold model?

GEG Shareholders Equity (Quarterly) Chart

31st July 2013
Terrax Minerals (TXR.v)
TerraX Collects 293 Grab and Chip Samples at Northbelt; Results Include Values Up to 49.3 g/t Au and 529 g/t Ag, >20% Pb and 9.44% Zn in Grab Samples

TXR Shareholders Equity (Quarterly) Chart

25th April 2013
Colarado Resources (CXO.v)
Colorado Resources Drills 242 m of 0.63 % Copper and 0.85 g/t Gold in First Drillhole on its North ROK Property

CXO Shareholders Equity (Quarterly) Chart

20th Feb 2013
Tomagold (LOT.v) / JV with Quinto Real Capital (QIT.v)
TomaGold Hits Three High-Grade Gold Intersections at Monster Lake, Including 42 g/t Au Over 7.2 m at a Vertical Depth of 278 m
LOT Shareholders Equity (Quarterly) Chart

24th Jan 2013
Atico Mining (ATY.v)
Atico Drills 119 Meters of 6.9% Copper and 6.3 g/t Gold; Discovers New Massive Sulfide Body at El Roble Mine in Colombia
(Ganoza family of Fortuna FVI.TO) 
ATY Shareholders Equity (Quarterly) Chart

5th November 2012

Alpha Minerals (AMW.v)     ( Uranium Discovery - not Gold or Silver but an example of a continuous set of positive results leading to a bid from partner Fission)
Discovery Hole at Patterson Lake South: High Radioactivity and Massive Pitchblende in Core

19th Sept 2012
Pilot Gold (PLG.TO) 
Pilot Gold Reports 5.94 g/t Gold, 12.6 g/t Silver and 0.53% Copper Over 137.1 Metres at TV Tower
TV Tower in Turkey - Also have Nevada projects. Ex Fronteer management and projects.

PLG Shareholders Equity (Quarterly) Chart

17th Sept 2012
Solvista (SVV.v)
Solvista Gold Drills 149.7 metres at 2.10 g/t Gold Equivalent Confirms a New Porphyry Gold-Copper Discovery at El Retén in the Middle Cauca Belt, Colombia
21st May 2013 - Solvista Gold Reports Continued Drilling Success at Caramanta: New Results Include 456.3 Metres at 1.40 g/t Gold Equivalent and 323.4 Metres at 1.74 g/t Gold Equivalent
SVV Shareholders Equity (Quarterly) Chart

13th September 2012
TNR Gold (TNR.v)
TNR Gold Intersects 242 Metres of 1.25 g/t Gold on New Geophysical Target at Shotgun 

6th Sept 2012
Northquest (NQ.v)
Northquest Ltd. intersects 164 metres grading 5.39 grams gold per tonne in drill hole PB-12-09 at the Vickers Target, Pistol Bay Gold Project, Nunavut, Canada

4th September 2012
Reservoir Minerals (RMC.v)
Reservoir Minerals Drills 160 Metres Grading 10.16% Copper Equivalent at Timok Project
5.4g/t gold / 6.9% copper

2nd August 2012
Canamex (CSQ.v) - right to earn 70% from Patriot Gold at Bruner
Patriot Gold's Bruner Project Phase II Drilling Intersects 360 Feet of 0.119 Oz/ton Gold (118 M of 4.08 g/t Au)
 - New geologist joining

23rd May 2012
Goldquest Mining (GQC.v)
23.05.12 - GoldQuest Reports Drilling Results From the Dominican Republic Hole LTP 90: 231 Metres Grading 2.4 g/t Gold Including 160.3 Metres Grading 2.9 g/t Gold and 0.62% Copper
30.07.12 - GoldQuest Intercepts Significant Mineralization at Romero, Dominican Republic; Includes 258 Metres Grading 4.5 g/t Gold and 1.3% Copper and an Upper Section of 55 Metres Grading 1.25 g/t Gold
  • Presentation
  • Bill Fisher was chairman at Aurelian
  • Resource Estimate
GQC Shareholders Equity (Quarterly) Chart

26th April 2012
Gold Standard Ventures (GSV.v)
26.04.12 - Gold Standard Ventures Intersects 537 Feet (164 Meters) of 0.099 ozAu/st (3.38 g/t) at Railroad, Nevada Project - Intercept in Core Hole RR12-1 Includes 140 Feet (42.7 meters) of 0.274 ozAu/st (9.4 g/t)
> 18.09.12 - Gold Standard Ventures Intersects Further Thick Intervals of High-Grade Gold at Railroad Project's North Bullion Fault Zone - Hole RR12-10 Intersects 407 Feet (124.1 Meters) of 0.118 oz Au/st (4.05 g Au/t) Including an Internal Interval of 54 Feet (16.5 Meters) of 0.44 oz Au/st (15.1 g Au/t)
21st February 2012
Cadillac Mining (CQX.v)
Cadillac Mining Intersects 1.25 g/t Gold Over 82 Meters; Confirms Significant Mineralization at Goldstrike
Past production / deposits

14th February 2012
GTA Resources & Mining (GTA.v)
GTA Intersects 149.5 Metres Grading 3.21 g/t Gold (Uncapped) or 1.20 g/t Gold (Capped) on Northshore Property
Darin Wagner insider. Drilling 20/8/12

15th September 2011
Prosperity Goldfields (PPG.v)

25th January 2011
Newstrike Capital Inc. (NES.v) - An example of ongoing discovery stock cycles
25.11.12 Newstrike Drills 275.46 Meters of 1.43 g/t Gold at Ana Paula Project, Guerrero, Mexico
other releases - see news links - latest
12.09.12Newstrike Capital Intersects 76.27 Meters of 10.57 g/t Au Within a 174.48 Meter Interval of 5.45 g/t Au At the Ana Paula Project

NES Shareholders Equity (Quarterly) Chart


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