Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Got to Love Discovery

The junior miners and explorers may not have the wind behind them, but a good discovery can reap great rewards. I like to folow good people in good jurisdictions to enter during those long boring basing periods you see in the charts. Probably not ones to buy today, GQC shows how they pull back for entry points.
Two excellent holes reported today.

One from Nevada, (see the "Regional Exploration" Page here)

Greg Hahn's Canamex discovers 118m @ 4g/t in Nevada - use Brent Cook's drill interval calculator to work out the significance of the high grade

Canamex CSQ.v

And Goldquest, as followed by Hard Rock Advisory, continue discovery at Romero in the Dominican Republic. 159m at 4.5g gold plus 1% copper

Goldquest GQC.v

Gold Coiling....

Looking for something to break gold from it's coil, against some of the most negative sentiment seen..... A good review by Geoff at Cara Community.

Gold Juniors to Outperform?

Stewart Thomson sees potential for the gold juniors to outperform.
Though as ever cautions us to be ready to buy all the way down!

  1. The junior gold stock sector seems to be revving its engine the loudest of all. To get a visual picture of why I hear that sound, please click here now.
  2. I’ve compared GDXJ to CDNX, and you can see that a head & shoulders bottom pattern has formed, suggesting that junior gold stocks are poised to significantly outperform the general junior resource sector.
In full ....

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Michael Pento - Major Fed Move - Gold to Skyrocket

Michael Pento discusses the Bernanke Fed delving deeper into the playbook from the famous helicopter speech

Of course this may be wild speculation.
However the use of non-conventional policy beyond another simple QEn may well be called for and not "register" with the public as "printing" in the run up to US Elections.

Recalling Bernanke's speech about deflation (link above)

In Gold We Trust - Erste Bank - Ronald-Peter Stoeferle

A wide ranging view of the case for Gold, updated 2012.
We believe that mining shares currently represent a high-leverage bet on the gold price with an extremely attractive risk/return profile. Strong balance sheets, high free cash flows, a substantial increase in margins, low debt levels, and rising dividends all speak in favor of the sector. There are also only a few sectors that are more underweighted by investors. We therefore believe that the current, historically low valuations offer a good opportunity to invest......

Tocqueville Gold Q2 2012 Letter- John Hathaway

Worth reading John Hathaway of Tocqueville Gold's quarterly letter, and the wide assortment of charts and trends putting the current market into perspective.

.......we believe that the weight of all evidence as discussed in the following paragraphs provides a substantial basis to suggest the stage has been set for a resumption of gold’s multi year advance.......It is in the nature of all  bull markets, and (perversely) especially so for precious metals, to shake out as many as possible along the way to minimize participation to the fewest possible stalwarts.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Gold Technicals

A technical overview of Gold by Justin Smyth at Gold Eagle.

Considers the important Resistance/Support of the 400 level in the Hui, highlighting bullish monthly hammer candles, we appear to have bounced around here again today.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Picking through the Rubble of the Juniors

Kip Keen at Mineweb with a review of the junior sector. - HERE

Mineweb also review a few recent IPOs - HERE

I am currently preparing a review of British Columbia exploration, quite a number of IPOs and significant exploration activity there.

Jim Sinclair calls $3500 Gold

Jim Sinclair called for $1650 gold by January 2011 many years ahead of time, while it was ridiculed as a crazy target, and missed by a matter of only months.
His emphatic, conviction style can divide opinion.
Known as "Mr Gold" he traded, perhaps drove, the 1970's gold bull market, and he exited at the top.
This time around he is seeking leverage from the miners (previous post).
Below he makes his call for $3500 in the next 1-3 years.

Gold Buyers?

Byron Wien quotes "The Smartest Man in Europe", (Harry Schultz? suggested in comments, I had thought Soros)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Barkerville Gold News

Otto at Inca Kola News has Quinton Hennigh's take on the rather unconventional news release put out by Barkerville last week declaring a 10m oz plus high grade gold resource.

Quinton Hennigh is a very well regarded economic geologist who has joined Brent Cook at the Exploration Insights newsletter, already regarded as one of the best.

He raises a number of red flags around the Barkerville news release - HERE