Thursday, 30 May 2013

World Resource Investment Conference Vancouver 2013

Presentations and Interviews Linked HERE
List of exhibitors below. Hard to be sure in this environment whether those still exhibiting paid upfront and continue, have something new they are keen to promote or are urgently seeking cash - check the balancesheets.
Including Brent Cook suggesting a major miner will fail or at least close mines. Midtiers B2, Yamana etc can pick what they want as a buying opportunity - Many gold miners have $1300-$1500 all in costs, many cutting exploration and development.  Compares to the long 97-2002 bust - won't be pulled out by money pumping like 2008, investment is elsewhere in the stockmarket. Buying good economic deposits in the meantime. Renewed focus on juniors' management, cash, business plan.

Gold Stocks

Steve Sjuggerud's review of Gold stock potential - HERE
"Gold stocks are a better trade today than they were at the bottom in 2008," the best trader I know told the crowd last week.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Soros buys Call Options on Gold Juniors GDXJ

While Bloomberg discussed a reduced holding of GLD Soros was taking a bigger bet on the Miners and even more aggressively buying $25m call options on the juniors amongst over $200m in gold positions.


Friday, 17 May 2013

Quinton Hennigh Interview

Hennigh is a geologist and company leader who has also teamed up with Brent cook at Exploration Insights. Interviewed here at CEOca

Discussing Novo Resources
Interested in Pretium, Dalradian and Roxgold

Rick Rule on Miners

Discusses what he is doing with his own money at KWN
About once every 10 years you come into a situation where you can buy high quality managements for the same prices that you can low quality managements.  That is the situation we are dealing with right now in the resource markets.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Gold Demand Trends - WGC Q1-13

Full Report available at the World Gold Council - HERE
A reminder of the critical role Indian and Chinese demand play

NY Hard Assets Conference Interviews

A number linked HERE, yet to watch and review

Junior Gold Quarterly Results

A roundup of Q1-13 Results - HERE

Peter Brandt - Wary of Remaining Bearish on Silver

Brandt has called the technical breakdown in Gold and Silver well since 2011.

Readers may recall this "Opus" previously, we should all have paid more attention.

Today Brandt points to the Silver COT data as being typical of a bottom, though he is not yet bullish

CFTC COT data in major buy territory for Silver

Other traders are pointing to similar positioning in the Gold market, for example Geoff Goetz at Bill

Swanson Nibbling at the Miners

Mike Swanson has been a trader with a long term inclination to the miners who has stood aside for some time since 2011

He has published some good articles since the April gold plunge

This Is the Final Liquidation of the Gold Bug - Mike Swanson (04/14/2013)

RIU Sydney Roundup

One of the bigger Aussie Resource Company Conferences - Watchlist below

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Precious Metal Mining ETF - Company Watch Lists

Somewhere to watch the ETF component stocks for price changes, market caps and relative strength from 52 week highs and lows.
Beware multiple currencies and different exchange trading times (scroll right to see these).
A few odd results come out of google-finance, missing symbols where I have looked up Yahoo data or symbols without the usual exchange suffix.
Always double check the data !

See full lists below .....

Record Insider Buying in Juniors with Company Lists

Article - HERE

Company Lists - HERE - 

Brent Cook Q&A at Globe and Mail

Q&A from Brent Cook - HERE
My letter is about what I am doing w/ my money so it is therefore limited. I try to stick w/ the best--sometimes that works. But has been a rough year.
On Buying exploration and early developers now.
I would say yes, but very selectively. Know your company, its cash balance and plans... Better know what the company is looking at, what it could be worth and how much it would take to prove or disprove that thesis....................I suspect that when this market comes out of this the small profitable producers will do best. Exploration plays are tough to pick, at least ones that will work...

Likes B2 Gold and Fortuna. Lydian again. Likes team at North Country Gold but wary of Arctic location and capex. Wary of Lakeshore. Thinks Kirkland Lake will turnaround. Likes Midas & Belo Sun. Doesn't like Eco Oro.