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Finding Junior Gold and Silver Miner and Explorer Top Stock Picks

Junior Gold Miner Seeker aims to provide "pages" following key themes for successful investment in the Junior Gold and Silver Mining and Exploration space without having to follow long posting threads. 
The "pages" are fixed and will develop over time. 
My blog posts may flag up these changes or go into more detail. 

Seeking Quality Gold Companies & Rewarding Themes
Most With Stock Watch List Spreadsheets
Why Gold?
  • The investment drivers and fundamentals for a gold bull market
  • Signs of bubbles
  • What next

Blog Purpose and Objectives
Junior Gold Miner Seeker aims to explore key themes in Junior Gold Miner and Explorer investing to identify quality top stock picks. 
The "dream", as for everyone in this space, is to find high potential high reward stocks especially low market cap, "under the radar" junior gold and silver stock picks which really can offer 10-baggers and more in this sector. 
Clearly the degree to which they remain under the radar will change over time. 
The tracking sheets try to identify how far they are above or below their 52 week highs and lows. 
At the top of their range they may be strongly advancing ....... or peaking! 
At the bottom they may be failed stocks .............or basing as great buys ! 
Each of us have to decide when to enter or exit.
The challenge is to maximise profits and take those profits,  not to ride all the way up and down in this highly volatile market. However if you believe this is a bull market don't sell them all, it can be hard to get back in too, then you're left behind.

Having held substantial investments in this area since 2007 I have seen the incredible gains and painful losses that can come. Hopefully some lessons have been learned but precious metals investing and junior mining and exploration in particular seems to me to be one of the toughest, most emotionally testing areas for investment.

I have found internet resources and links which are in equal measure extremely helpful and potentially misleading or following an agenda to part investors from their capital.
My main frustration with some of the excellent discussion boards, blogs and websites which are already out there is that great information becomes lost in a sea of chat, politics, day trading,  promotion, pumping and bashing etc. 
Following long threads of posts becomes tiresome. 

Therefore this blog tries to organise some of my "favourites" links and put together key themes to follow with some spreadsheet watchlists to track the relevant companies and valuations. I can offer no great geological expertise or industry knowledge other than reasonably wide reading of publicly available information.

I will make some "posts" to flag up certain topics and changes but my aim is to allow the "Pages" to remain in one place and develop them over time as I come across interesting information or follow up due diligence.

I welcome comments and feedback if you are also on this journey. I see that some of my favourite blogs do not allow comments, so I hope they do not become a problem.


At all times I may have invested in what I find, I may have identified the stock only to watch while I concentrate on other investments, I may have already sold taking profits or losses. I am not an advisor. Although I attempt to find good information it may not be accurate. Links to other sites are of interest to me but I do not offer recommendation of their accuracy or agenda. If you want to invest in this area you must do your own due diligence, it is your money. You have not paid for my research or views.
This is a very risky area and can really only be defined as speculation, not investment.

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