Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Economic Geologists

Some of the best writers I follow in the junior exploration sector are geologists and economic geologists.
The best companies must be led by or deeply involve people from this field as great discoveries become increasingly rare and hard won.

I am taking a greater interest in finding the best and their writings.

I start with a well known newsletter writer who is a member of the Society of Economic Geologists and freely shares a large amount of knowledge at his website.

Brent Cook at Exploration Insights 
Interviews here 
Including his Drill interval Calculator
And Link to "Corebox" deposit visualisation
His Geo-Insights Course - includes references to current companies' deposits.
Property tours he has undertaken and may have an opinion on.

And Linked By Brent Cook
"Investment University" from Sprott Global
(Incorporating Rick Rule's Global Resources)
A formal course, covering amongst other areas
- Introduction to geology
- The exploration process, and
- Pre-production and production phases of ore deposits

An Investment Manager - Wayne Hewgill, now with Regulu (ex Antares) explaining
The Drill Tracker Report ex PIFinancial

Some excellent articles here about building great exploration teams.
Virginia Hefffernan writes at her blog - 
EarthExplorer on "Exploration Tips from the best in the business"   a few essentials

Ross Beatty
Brent Cook
Exploration - People & Discovery
Exploration & Discovery Paradigm Shift Required
They Who see the most rocks win
Grass roots exploration between a junior rock and a major hardplace
Some Elements of Exploration success, or how to shave the odds

The Magazine - Earth Explorer 

Geoscience World Economic Geology - Requiring subscription

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