Good People In Good Projects

My best investments have come from finding relatively low market capitalisation companies associated with successful mining mangers, geologists and key investors.

Of course previous success offers no guarantees in exploration, and maybe they just got lucky the first time, but we might presume that the best projects attract the best people.
Reading around many of the links on this site you should find reference to many of these companies and individuals. With a stock universe of 1000's and some questionable promoters and pumpers of speculative stocks we need some filtering to narrow down the targets and limit risks.

I will keep a list of the names and companies posted about and a stock sheet on this page, if you search the site you should find posts with more detail as they are reviewed over time.
First detailed posting was on Darin Wagner.

Update 26/2/12 - I shall also use this section to review where some prominent investors are putting their money and taking Insider positions in companies.

An Interesting Article on some great Mining Families Here 

Canadian Mining Hall of Fame Here

PDAC Award Winners

Casey Explorers' League
Casey Next Ten
Casey Next Ten Alumini
  Wary of Casey promotions but believe there are credible people in these lists.

Bob Moriarty's "Heroes of Mining"
Wary again, as with Casey, some relate to sponsors and positions owned, which are all clearly stated, a short list of 5 names who have achieved a great deal.

DARIN WAGNER - See detailed Post linked here on Blog
  • West Timmins Mining  (WTM.TO) - Sold to LSG
  • Lakeshore Gold (LSG.TO)
  • Balmoral Resources (BAR.v) - Key exploration
  • GTA Resources (GTA.v)
  • Falco Pacific (FPC.v) - Formerly Druk Capital Partners
  • Abzu Gold (ABS.v)
  • Revolution Mining (RV.TO) - Have optioned Lakeshore's Mexican projects, over 900k acres, which they acquired with WTM. Revolution have formed an advisory board including Darin Wagner and Perter Megaw
  • Candente Gold (CDG.TO) - See discussion on Blog Page "Old Gold Mines - New Exploration" - non-insider 2011
  • Castle Mountain Mining (formerly Telegraph Gold) - To list ex Fox
  • West Kirkland Mining (WKM.V) 

  • SGX Resources (SXR.v) - exploration spin off from San Gold. 
    • 2,500 Ha along Porcupine Destor fault
    • 5,000 Ha extension of Kirkland Lake Break
    • Initial Discovery news 26/1/12 
    • Raise $12m April 2012

John Mark STAUDE
  • Riverside Resources (RRI.v) insider
  • Harmony Gold (H.v) (Former director)
  • Twyford Ventures (TWY.v)
  • Choice Gold Corp (Sugarloaf project)- insider (CHF:CNX)
  • Yellowhead Mining (YMI.v) (Former director) - insider
  • Pure Energy Minerals (PE.v)
+ + +Arden Morow on board at Riverside - Calico Mining - Brent Cook discusses

Former writer Exploration Insights transferred to Brent Cook - in discussion with
Established Cranberry Capital. JV with Altius Minerals. Recently interviewed by the gold report and indicated that juniors are still in a bear market, but has been buying as an insider at Evrim and Miranda. Good projects should always add value?
  • Evrim Resources - (EVM.v) on the board - see Project Generators Page
  • Kobex Minerals (KXM.v) - Chairman & Insider - Cash
  • Miranda Exploration (MAD.v) on the board - See Project Generators and Nevada Page - Non Insider Jan-14 
  • Millrock (MRO.v) cease insider 2015
  • Cranberry Capital 
  • Avaranta (merged with Evrim)
  • Synodon Inc (SYD.v) - non mining?

Wide ranging experience as per Business Week. Led Rainy River (RR.TO) in large discovery.
  • New Gold - Acquired Rainy River (RR.TO) Former Director
  • Mineral Mountain Ventures (MMV.v) - Christopher Skidmore - Beat The market promotion. Company Investor presentation, exploring several District / Camp scale opportunities.
    • 2013 projects near old Homestake mine US - Holy Terror
  • PC Gold (PKL.TO) - cease Insider Oct-13
  • Mistango River (CNSX:MIS) -cease insider Jun-13
  • Crestwell Resources (CNSX:CER) - CEO of Company
  • Suparna Gold (SUG.v) - insider to Jul-11
  • Temex (TME.v) - Cease Insider Jun-12
  • Aldrin Ventures (ALN.v)
Sold Wolfden. Chief Exec of Premier Gold, a leading junior in Red Lake, Hardrock and Nevada. Was on board of Pediment, sold to Argonaut Gold.
  • Premier Gold (PG.TO)
  • Wolfden Resources (WLF.v) since Oct 2012 (Also name of his previous Co.)
  • Mega Precious Metals (MGP.v) - 
  • Benton (BTC.v) - Director 2003 to  (with Stares Family) cease Insider May-12
  • Newstrike Resources (NR.v) cease insider Apr-14
  • Source Exploration - (SOP.v) - cease insider March-14
  • Gold Standard Ventures (GV.v)  - non insider Jun 2012
  • Brixton Metals (BBB.v) - insider until 2010
  • PC Gold (PKL.TO) - Insider to Oct-10
  • Ashburton Resources - Insider to Oct-12
Long standing geological expertise in Mexico. A number of associations with Darin Wagner, past success / buyouts at West Timmins Mining and Pediment.
Insider positions
  • MAG Silver (MAG.TO)
  • Candente Gold (CDG.TO)
  • Minaurum Mining (MGG.v)
Other Associations
  • Aurcana - (AUN.v) - Advisory Board
  • Excellon (EXN.TO) - Supervising exploration /Shareholder
  • Revolution (RV.TO) - Advisory Board
  • Starcore (SAM.TO) - Advisory board
  • Garibaldi (GGI.v) - Advisory Board
Noted associations with Guerrero district companies including insider at Minaurum, above. Discovered the Filos mine owned by Goldcorp.

Built Silver Wheaton. In particular focus on property selections
  • Silver Wheaton (SLW.TO)
  • Geologix (GIX.TO)
  • Tigray Resources (TIG.v) 
  • Ventana Gold (Sold)
  • Riva Gold (sold to Wildcat Silver (WS.TO) - ceased insider May 2013
  • Tigray Resources - ceased insider May-14
  • Castle Peak Mining - ceased insider Nov-12
  • Winwell Ventures (private?)
  • Orca Gold (ORG.v) - Formerly Canaco - ceased insider Dec-11
See Casey Nexten Alumni
Fortuna Silver have been a well regarded profitable multiple silver mine-builder / developer
  • Fortuna Silver (FVI.TO)
  • Atico (ATY.v) - new Co 2012
Widely connected figure in Canadian mining.
Interview at CEO.CA

  • Formerly established New Gold (from Peak Gold), Wheaton River (Goldcorp acqn), Gold Wheaton.
  • Endeavour Mining (EDV.TO) - Consolidated Etruscan, Crew, Avion, tgt 300k oz pa / 500k oz growth? Previously Endeavour financial, now gold focus. Mulls 2 further Africa acquisitions - Director - Sept 2013 re-established insider
  • Fiore Capital - private
  • Petroamerica - former insider - holds?
  • Oceanic Iron Ore (FEO.v) - since Oct-12
  • Royce Resources (ROY.H)
  • Cannon Point Resources (CNP.v) 
  • Catalyst copper Corp (CCY.v) - Website
  • Pacific Topaz Resources (PPZ.H)
  • PetroManas Energy (PMI.v) - Website
  • Eacom Timber Corp (ETR.v) - cease Insider June-13
  • Sky Ridge Resources (SYR.H)
  • PNO Resources (PNO.H) - Feb-15
  • Tapango Resources - (TPA.H) Mar-15
  • Klondike Gold  - Sept-14
  • Lionsgate - entertainment
  • International, diversified high yield stocks (CEO.CA)
  • Stable of "Great Assets" grossly undervalued, able to weather storm without dilution. Juniors trading at pennies on the dollar. (CEO.CA). Sees value, pick right, sit tight, need patience.

PAT DICAPO - SEDI Insider Pasquale Dicapo - Ref Power One Capital Markets
See Casey Nexten (1) - Financier
  • Ex Aurelian finance
  • Ex Colossus
  • Continental Gold - Ceased Insider May-2010
  • Ryan Gold ? - not insider
  • AMI Resources (AMU.v) - Niger / Ghana
  • Pan African Oil (PAO.v)
  • Canada Coal (CCK.v)
  • Latin Amercan Minerals (LAT.v) - ceased insider Aug-12
  • G4G Resources (GXG.v) - 
  • Nevada Zinc - formerly Goldspike Exploration (GSE.v) - Website - Presentation - Yukon 40 properties 1000kmsq nr Coffee staked pre-kaminak? Zinc - Nevada?
  • Terreno Resources (TNO.v) - Argentina - Ceased Insider Nov-12
  • POCML 1 - (LMP.P) Capital Pool
  • POCML 2 (PCC.P.v)

See Casey Nexten (2)
  • Altius Minerals (ALS.TO)
  • Rambler Metals Mining  (RAB.v)
  • Alderon Iron Ore (ADV.TO)
  • Brazil Resources (BRI.v)
Pathway capital. Was On board of Underworld before buyout
  • Lowell copper (JDL.v) - (formerly Waterloo Resources)
  • Sandstorm metals & energy (SND.v)
  • Past insider Sandstorm gold
  • Lunagold (LGC.TO) - ceased insider Jun-12
  • Asanko Gold (AKG.TO) formerly Keegan
  • Gordon Creek Energy (GDN.v)
  • NovaDX Ventures (NDX.v) - halted Aug-13
  • Donner Metals (DON.v)
  • Esparanza Gold (EPZ.v) - sold to Alamos
  • Anthem United (AFY.v) reverse takeover Turnberry Resources - ex Esparanza / Minefinders Team - Peru process plant
Business Week Bio
  • Almaden (AMM.TO)
  • Williams Creek (ceased insider 2006)
  • Tarsis (TCC.v)
  • Gold Mountain (GUM.v)

  • Continental Gold (CNL.TO)
  • Colossus Minerals (CSI.TO) - ceased insider Oct-12 - Bust?
  • Dalradian (DNA.TO)
  • Young FD formerly at Silver Wheaton
  • Former Insider Gold Wheaton / Franco Nevada buyout
  • Building new streaming companies Sandstorm 
  • Sandstorm Gold (SSL.TO) / SAND
  • Sandstorm Metals & Energy (SND.V)
  • NovaDX (NDX.v) - solvent?
  • Donner Metals (DON.v) - solvent?
  • Gordon Creek Energy (GDN.v) Thunderbird Energy - Insider Mar-13
  • True Gold Mining (TGM.v) ( Blue Gold / Riverstone Merger
  • Luna Gold (LGC.TO) - ceased insider - are invested by Sandstorm
  • Bear Creek Metals (BCM.v)
  • Premier Royalty Inc
  • Entree Gold (ETG.TO)
  • Sandstorm Investees - LINK

David Forest / Philip O'Neill
Govind Friedland

Casey Explorers League

Business Week Bio / 
Casey Explorers League
Casey Explorers League Induction Interview
  • Columbus Gold (CGT.v) - Presentation - See Regional Exploration / Nevada
    • This is his only company relationship on business week. Only other insider position is Columbus Silver


  • Silvercorp (SVM.TO)
  • New Pacific Metals (NUX.TO)

Business Week Bio
  • Fortuna Silver (FVI.TO / FSM) - Chairman
  • Focus Ventures (FCV.v)
  • Radius- Insider (RDU.v)
  • Wesgold - Insider (WSG.v) - Colombia exploration. Recent $5m placement. 
  • Cordoba Minerals (CDB.v)
  • Rackla Metals - insider (RAK.v) + Warrants : Yukon
  • Western Pacific -advisor?
  • Medgold  (MED.v) (acquired Emerick Resources)
  • Niogold (NOX.v) re-established insider Jun-13

Business Week
  • Almaden (AMM.TO)
  • Tarsis Resources (TCC.v)
  • Gold Mountain Mining Corp (GUM.v)

  • Bear Creek (BCM.v)
  • Troon Ventures (TVN.v)


  • Formerly Geo at Noranda and others, Quebec focus, James Bay, sold Eleonore deposit to Goldcorp
  • Aurelian Director - insider 2006-8
  • Involved at Vior, Cartier and Azimut Insider 2001-7
  • Detour Gold - insider until 2011
  • President, CEO Virginia Mines (VGQ.TO)
  • TerraX Minerals (TXR.v) - insider May 2013 - Yellowknife
Post Osisko tie up with Virginia many common Sean Roosen holdings...
  • Bowmore - Feb-15
  • Falco Resources - Feb-15
  • Mistango - Feb-15
  • Nighthawk - Feb-15
  • Niogold - Feb-15
  • Osisko Gold Royalty (x Virginia merger) 



  • Built Silver Standard
  • Former Director Canplats (Sold to Goldcorp)
  • Formerly involved with Iamgold, Western Silver, Vista Gold , Esparanza, Minco Silver, Rare Element, Strathmore, Kimber, Tiomin.
  • Pretium (PVG.TO)
  • Primero (P.TO)


OTHERS - Non Casey

  • Rio Narcea Goldmines (Sold to Lundin Mining)
  • Brett Resources (Sold to Osisko)
  • ICN Resources (ICN.v)
  • Colorado Resources
  • Corazon Gold
  • Luna Gold
  • Full Metal Minerals
  • Tintina Resources

EX CANPLATS Management R.E. Gordon Davies  - (Sold to Goldcorp)
  • Camino Minerals (COR.v)
  • Silver Range (SNG.v)
  • Pacific Ridge Explorations (PEX.v)
  • Ex Silver standard

Spent years building data on Yukon. Rick Rule has held a lot.
  • Atac (ATC.v)
  • Strategic Metals (SMD.v)
  • Wolverine (WLV.v)
  • Rockhaven (RK.v)
  • Silver Range (SNG.v)

Bruce Youngman (related Archer Cathero Cos)
  • Silver Range - chairman (Strategic Metals spin off - has warrants)
  • Strategic Metals
  • Atac
  • Pacific Ridge
  • Theia Resources (THH) - Rosetta Gold 11,500 Ha W.Kootenay BC
Kenneth E Berry
  • Northern Vertex (NEE) Lemhi Gold Idaho - Idaho attention from Midas / WRP
  • Theia (THH.V)
  • Kootenay Gold (KTN.V)
Brian Groves
  • Spanish Mountain (SPA.v) (with Jim Slater)
  • Kootenay Gold
  • Riverside Resources (RRI.v)

Gary Freeman - seen as promotional?

Ex BEMA GOLD Directors 
  • Bema Sold to Kinross
  • B2 Gold Corp (BTO.TO)
  • Orestone ?

  • Lumina Capital
  • Ventana (VEN.TO) - Acquired
  • Pan American Silver (PAAS)
  • CB Gold (CBJ.v)
  • Alterra Power (AXY.TO) 
  • Savary Gold (SCA.v) - Mar-15 - Gold - Burkina Faso - $1.5m    19.99% of co
  • Odin Mining - Jul-14 
  • Dalradian - Feb-15  Gold - N.Ireland UK  - $11.3m
  • Kaminak - July-14 - Gold Yukon-Canada - $6.76m with Zebra/Lundin also $6.76m
  • Anfield Nickel - Apr-14
  • Nord Resources
  • Kivalliq - Uranium
  • Arena Minerals - April-14 - Copper Chile - $1m
  • Amerigo Resources - Feb-09 - Copper Chile

LUNDIN FAMILY -See Family Trusts - Zebra Holdings & Lorito Holdings
  • Red Back Mining (Sold to Kinross) - want their money back?
  • Sirocco Mining Inc (Formerly Atacama Minerals) (SIM.)
    • Newstrike Resources (NES.v) Mexico (Sold to Timmins Gold - low premium)
    • Lucara Diamond Corp - May-09
    • Lundin Gold (LUG.TO) formerly Fortress Minerals -
    • Denison Mines Corp (DMM.TO) - Uranium
    • NGex Resources
    • ShaMaran Petroleum (Formerly Bayou Bend)
    • Africa Oil Corp
    • Blackpearl Resources
    • Lundin Mining Corp
    • PBS Coals
    • Corsa Coal Corp
    • Etrion Corporation
    • Kaminak - July-14  with Ross Beaty
    • Orca Gold - Apr-13
    • North Arrow Minerals - Apr-13
    George Brack - Newstrike Link
    Business Week

    • Was insider at Red Back
    • Past insider @ Novagold
    • Silver Wheaton
    • Geologix
    • Capstone Mining
    • Newstrike
    • Alexco
    • Aurizon
    • ICN Resources "association" ?

    Ken Thorsen - Newstrike Link

    • Newstrike
    • Homestake Resource
    • New Dimension
    • Network Exploration
    • Bravada Gold
    • Oroco Resource
    • West Cirque Resources
    • Tower Resources
    • Donner Metals
    • Meritus Minerals
    • Auro Resources

    • Business Week Bio
    • Long History of Successful Exploration
    • International Tower Hill (ITH.TO)
    • Corvus Gold (KOR.TO)
    • Abzu (ABS.v)
    • Named on Redstar Gold (RGC.v) board (see presentation)

    • Renaissance Gold (REN.TO)

    • Pilot Gold (PLG.TO)
    • Bluegold (BGX.v)

    EX UNDERWORLD TEAM 9 (See Robert McLeod below)
    • Revolution (RV) - North Carolina slate belt nr Romarco + Mexican properties ex Lakeshore gold (ex West Timmins)
    • Smash Minerals (SSH) - To merge with Prosperity Goldfields

    • Prosperity Goldfields (PPG.v) - Website 
    • Gold Canyon (GCU.v) discovery
    • Evolving Gold (EVG.TO) (left company)

    Discovered, developed to production Barrick's goldstrike mine. Consulted. Ex Northland Resources

    • Calico Resources (CKB.v) - Website
    • Indigo Exploration (IXI.v) 
    • Niogold - former director
    • Advisor to the Board at Riverside (RRI.v)

    Some holdings through Evanachan
    • Built up Goldcorp 
    • US Gold (UXG.TO) merged with
    • Minera Andes (MAI.TO)
    • to form McEwen Mining (MUX.TO)
    • Lexam Exploration (LEX.TO)
    • Rubicon Minerals (RMX.TO) - Divested position
    • Everton - not insider since 2008
    • Coral Gold - not insider since 2008
    • Golden Valley Mines (GZZ.v) until May-13
    • Vantex (VAX.v)  - 11.55%@ Jun12
    • Manitou Mining (MTU.v) - invested Sept 2012
    • Ginguro (GEG.v) - invested Dec-12
    • Brixton Metals (BBB.v) since Oct-13
    • Murchison Minerals (MUR.cnsx) since June-14 - Uganda PGMs / Alumina REE nr Orbite
    • Pure Gold Mining  (PGM.v) (ex Laurentian Goldfields)    
      • Since March 2014 Newman Madsen @ Red Lake
    • Abitibi Royalties (RZZ.v) (spun out of Golden Valley) - $2m private plaement Jul-14

    Background - sale of Ventana in Columbia
    • Wildcat Silver (WS.TO)
    • Plata Latina (PLA.v)
    • Augusta Resource - until July-14 sale to Hudbay
    • Riva Gold until 2013
    Background building Keegan, now Asanko in Ghana and leading Cayden Resources to bid by Agnico
    • Cayden Resources
    • Auryn Resources (AUG.v) - JVs
    • Stratton Resources (SI.v)

    • New Gold
    • Franco Nevada
    • Newmarket Gold
    • Silver Bear until Jun-13
    • Lara Exploration (LRA.v) - Prospect generator Brazil, Brent Cook likes
    • Reservoir Minerals (RMC.v) - big discovery
    • Armada Exploration -until Jan-13


    • PMI Ventures (PMV.v) - departed.
    • Asante Gold (ASE.v) - Ghana
    • Founder, Northern Orion (acquired by Yamana for $1.09 billion
    • Founder, Miramar Mining (acquired by Newmont for $1.53 billion)
    • Founder, La Mancha Resources (acquired in 2012 for $499 million)
    • Lion One Metals (LIO.v) Fiji
    • Nulegacy (NUG.v)

    PETER HAWLEY - Business Week Link
    • Scorpio Gold
    • Castle Peak Mining
    • Chimata Gold
    • Abitex Resources
    • Robex  Resources
    • Maxtech Ventures
    • Niogold Board

    LAWRENCE (LARRY) DICK - (review insiders 23-6-12)

    • Golden Fame Resources (GFA.v)  (Director)
    • Confederation Minerals (CFM.v) (Dir)
    • Timmins Gold Corp (TMM.TO) (Dir)
    • Delon Resources (DLN:CNX)   (Corp) (Dir)
    • Magna Resources Ltd (MNA:CNX)   (Dir)
    • United Silver Corp (USC.TO)  (Dir)
    • Kariana Resources (KAA:CNX) (Dir)
    • Cassius Ventures (CZ.v) (Dir)
    • Goldstrike Resources (GSR.v) - Director

    Investors may think they sold too cheap to Iamgold but they may be keen to move onto other opportunities?
    Board here
    • Gregory Gibson - Business Week Bio
      • Northern Gold Mining (NGM.v) - post TRR (Resigned as Director)
      • Temex Resources Corp (TME.v) 
      • Mainstream Minerals (MJO.v) - insider 2012
      • Rae Wallace Mining
      • Portage Minerals - ceased insider 2012
      • Tango Gold Mines (TGV.v) fka FDG Mining ceased insider 2012
      • San Gold (SGR.TO)
      • Kerr Mines 
    • George P. Cole - Business Week Bio
      • Stoneshield Capital (STS.v) 
    • Christopher E. Irwin
      • Auriga
      • Roscan
    • James Neville Fairbairn
      • Minerva Minerals
      • Schyan Exploration
      • Crown Gold Corporation
      • Mag Copper (CNX list)
    • Stephen George McIntyre
      • South East Asia Mining Corp
    • Andres Tinajero
      Johannes Stig Norregaard
    European Goldfields Team (Acquired by Eldorado)

    • Martyn Konig
      • Euromax Resources (EOX.v)
      • New Gold
    • Steve Sharpe
      • Euromax(EOX.v)

    Osisko Team (Osisko bought by Agnico / Yamana)

    • Sean Roosen
      • Osisko Gold Royalties
      • Astur
      • Niogold (Osisko Royalty ownership)
      • Oban Mining
      • Bowmore
      • Condor Petroleum
      • Rio Novo ( ceased insider 2012)
      • Nighthawk Gold (2014
      • Dalradian
      • Ryan Gold
      • Falco Resources
    • Robert Wares
      • Niogold
      • Oban
      • Wildcat Silver
      • Bowmore
      • Augusta (until buyout)
      • Komet Resources
    • Bryan Coates
      • Niogold
      • Nighthawk Gold
      • U308 until jun14
      • Bowmore
      • Falco Resources
      • Osisko Royalties
      • Golden Queen
      • Timmins Gold

    Publicly discussed stocks - see stockchase / see Toronto Resource Conference Sept 11 / see Gold Report

    • Midas Gold (MAX.TO) Idaho (Vista Gold stake)
    • Calico (CKB.v) - Oregon - widely promoted but stable @ 40c for 10m cap
    • On board of Riverside (RRI.v)
    • Likes Lydian (LYD.TO) expects acquisition
    • Almaden
    • Lara
    • Eurasian Minerals
    • Miranda Gold
    • Altius
    • (generally liking prospect generator model then)
    • San Gold
    • Wolverine Yukon ex Strategic Metals
    • Mirasol (Argentina Silver with Coeur D'Alene)
    • Evolving Gold - Goldcorp / Agnico in.
    • Continental Gold
    • Constantine Metal - comments good geologist
    • Western Pacific - comments good company run by good people.

    Sad News that David Coffin died 17/2/12 RIP
    Publicly discussed stocks
    Yukon Area Play

    • Kaminak
    • Northern Tiger
    • Atac
    • Argus Metals 
    • Constantine (CEM)  / Carlin Gold (also near Barrick Nevada discovery)
    One to Watch, sometimes because they may be buying or selling around newsletter prmotions
    As at 5 Jun-13

    • Armada Exploration
    • Romulus Resources (non insider 2012)
    • Gold Mountain Mining Corporation
    • Brazil Resources Inc
    • Petrovista
    • Atico Mining Corporation


    Rick Rule - Built Global Resource Investments, merged with Sprott. Many followed his personal invetments on SEDI under "The Rule Family Trust". However all these insider positions appear to be sold as he took an inside postion in Sprott. Here I list the "last holdings" sold on Feb 2011. His history is especially heavy in the Prospect Generator Model, past holdings also include Atac, Tarsis, Riverside

    • Kobex Minerals
    • Canadian Poenix
    • Cornerstone Capital (PG)
    • Lara Exploration (PG)
    • Strategic Metals (PG)
    • Eurasian Minerals (PG)
    • Esperanza
    • Inca Pacific
    • Ria Resources (RFT bought Dec 2010)
    • Papuan Precious Metals (RFT bought Dec 2010)
    • Spur Ventures
    • Estrella Gold (PG) (RFT bought Dec 2010)
    • Aurion Resources (PG) (RFT bought Dec 2010)
    • Africa Oil Corp (RFT bought Dec 2010)
    • Concordia Resource Corp (CCN.v)  (Was Western Uranium) (12400km sq Africa expl esp Burkina Faso -ex Swala) + Silver Argentina - Website  -  Presentation  (RFT bought Dec 2010)
    • Highbury Projects -(HPI.v)  (RFT bought Dec 2010) - No trades ?
    • Naikun Wind Energy
    • Golden Arrow Resources Corp (RFT Bought Nov 2010)
    • Reservoir Capital Corp
    Other Rick Rule Vehicles
    Exploration Captial Partners

    Eric Sprott - Sprott Global
    Rick Rule tied up his Global Resource Investors with Eric Sprott. They now control very large portfolios in the resource space. So large it is not so easy to identify a focus list.
    The Insider following websites like Whalewisdom and Insider Monkey I find are limited to US listings. Comark securities are sometimes identifiable.
    Top Holdings of Sprott's Precious Metals Fund headed by Charles Oliver
    Go to quarterly reports to see more detail of Sprott Holdings
    Far better detail is to be found in the Quarterly financial statements however.
    For Example Q2-13
    Another place to monitor is Sprott's Site visits page
    I would like to find more on what Rule and some of the specialist funds are doing.

    Eric Sprott - SEDI Holdings

    • Cortez Gold - Jan-15
    • Golden Cariboo - Jan-15
    • Goldstrike Resources - Jan-15
    • Ginguro Exploration - Jan-15
    • Kerr Mines - Jan-15
    • Barkerville Gold Mines - Mar-15
    • Kirkland Lake Gold - Jan-15

    Dundee company builder
    • Corona Gold - CRG.TO - Holding protfolio incl RYG / SBB others. - Goldminerpulse valuation blog
    • Sabina (SBB.TO) - DPM also holds (ceased insider)
    • Dunav Resources (DNV.v) - DPM also holds? (ceased insider)
    • Cogitore
    • Avala
    • Ryangold
    • Rockland Minerals (Oct-14)
    • Barrick

    Thomas Kaplan
    Hedgefund Manager with particular precious Metal mining focus. Electrum Group of Companies taken stakes in Juniors.
    • Novagold (NG)
    • Gabriel Resources (GBU.TO)
    • Sunshine Mine Idaho (still private?) 
    • Sunward Colombia (SWD.v)
    • Taung Gold (S.Africa) - HK 621
    • Carlin Gold (May 2012)
    • SKKGM (Poland) Strzelecki Metals Ltd listed Australia. Article
    • Review - Tigris / Electrum structure

    John Tognetti - Chair of the Board of Haywood Securities
    Investing history - early positions in Rubicon, Auex, Altius
    Current Positions
    • Azimut - Mar 2011 - Website - Quebec Prospect Generator
    • Planet Exploration (PXI.v) Sept 2010 - presentation - red lake
    • Renaissance Gold (ex Auex)
    • Western Troy Nov 2010 - Website - Prospect Generator style Quebec -ceased insider 2012
    • Mirasol - Dec 2011 - increased see article at CEO to 25% @ Jan-14
    • New Horizon Uranium Corp - 2010
    • Callinan Royalties - Mar-15    - Aquired ? 
    • Millrock Resources - Oct-14
    • Constantine Metals - Nov-13

    Haywood Securities
    • Early East Asia / Nothern Tiger - no longer insider
    • Zazu Metals
    • Astur Gold
    • Firestone Ventures
    • Southern /andes Energy
    • Jerico Explorations (sine 2005?)
    • Geomark Exploration (GME.v) - Feb 2011 insider - Sold Comaplex to Agnico - Website
    Darren Devine at CDM Capital
    • Azincourt Resources - Dir
    • Gonzaga Resources
    • Woodrose Corporation
    • Oculus Ventures
    • Crazy Horse
    • Dejour Energy
    • Compass Gold
    • Otterburn Resources
    • Precipitate Gold ( Due to list April 2012)
    SHELDON INWENTASH - Pinetree Capital
    Major player in Canadian Capital markets
    • So many, need to look more closely at holding levels / %

    Insiders of Gold Standard Ventures - Selected
    • Awde, Jonathan Charles Timothy (only insider position)
    • Crowhurst, Tim (Gv + Energy)
    • Downie, Ewan Stewart
    • FCMI Parent Co (Friedberg Family Trust)
    • Genovese, Richard (Only insider position)
    • McLeod, Robert John
    • Silas Richard 
    • Threlkeld William Earl
    • Waldkirch, Michael (only insider position)
    Ewan Downie - Chair of Premier Gold - Widely connected
    • Premier Gold Mines
    • Ashburton Ventures - ceased insider 2012
    • Benton Resources
    • Rolling Rock (> Mega Precious Metals)
    • Mega Precious Metals
    • Source Exploration - ceased insider 2014
    • T.B Mining Ventures (TBV.P.v) - Capital Pool - non trading? - Shoal Lake Gold Deposits
    • GV
    • Newstrike Resources (NR.V) ceased insider 2014
    • Wolfden Resources Corp - Oct-12

    Robert John McLeod (Ex Underworld) Insider Positions 25/2/12 
    See Casey Nexten Alumni
    (See McLeod - Williams Companies)

    • GV
    • Revolution (RV) - N.Carolina / Mexico ex LSG/WTM
    • Valhalla Resources (VH.v) - Trading resumption Dec 2011- Presentation - Turkey/Romania investors combined with Underworld team
    • Vendetta Mining Corp (VTT.v)
    • Full Metal Zinc
    • Entourage Minerals (EMT.v) Hemlo exploration - website - Presentation 300kmsq. existing infrastructure. Senior Barrick Hemlo geologists. Kinross own 6.9%. 30% management / Resourcex review
    • Inform Resources(IRR.v)  -Website - Presentation - Management 40% + / Roads / Power 20-50km - Geo Ex Archer Cathero Prospector of the year
    • Note also Inform Exploration (IX.v) - trading nov 11 - no site
    • Independence Gold Corp (IGO.v) - Website - Vein deposit BC 3Ts with resource + Yukon/White gold projects. (Map white gold) Exeter directors
    • Full Metal Minerals
    • Keegan

    Richard Silas
    • Blue River Resources (BXR.v) Aug 2011 (Director)


    • Seabridge 2007
    • Paramount Gold & Silver 2009
    • Counsel Corporation (CXS) Real estate / P/e

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx end GV Insiders xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Mark O'Dea - Ex Fronteer

    • Pilot Gold (PLG.TO)
    • True Gold Mining (TGM.v) (Merger of Blue Gold (BGX.v) and Riverstone (RVS.v)
    • Pure Gold Mining (PGM.v) - formerly Laurentian Goldfields (LGF.v) (see also Rob McEwen)

    Mark Gareth Creasy / Yandal Investments
    Major British Australian based Mining Investor
    Article Australian Aug-14
    Very prolific explorer and investor, so may not be current

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 

    Balmoral Resources Insiders
    The Cardero group have a mixed reputation amongst investors

    • Dell'Orfano William (only insider position)
    • Neal, Gordon
    • Salberg, Gerald William ( Balmoral / Trevali)
    • Shaw, Wayne (Only Insider position)
    • Talbot, Lawrence william Edward
    • Toporowski, John Stephen (only insider position)
    • Van Alphen, Hendrik
    • Wagner, Darin
    Neal Gordon
    • Druk Capital Partners (DRU.P) (Non trading - Intent to acquire TransAfrican Gold) Tanzanian Greenstone
    • MAG Silver
    • Dorato !!
    • AKA Ventures
    • Abzu Gold
    • Rockgate Capital
    • Acadia Resources (AIC.v) - some trading - business development ?
    • Balmoral
    Lawrence Talbot
    • Corvus
    • Abzu
    • Balmoral
    • Cardero
    • Trevali
    • Minaurum (MGG.v)
    • ITH
    • Pedro Resources (PED.H) - Site - Board "searching" - Incl Allen Ambrose - Trading volumes
    • Wealth Minerals
    Van Alphen
    • Ethos
    • Wealth
    • Balmoral
    • Trevali
    • Balmoral
    • Candente ceased insider 2011
    • Druk Capital
    • Falco Resources - ceased insider 2014
    • GTA Resources (discovery - Balmoral prop) cease 2104
    • Castle Mountain Mining (Apr-13)
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 

    Carl Antonio Pescio - Major Holder in Allied Nevada
    • Lynnwood Capital (LCI.P) - Some trading
    • Angus Mining  (ANA.v) - Stop Namibia >  Freiberg Silver Project Nevada. Fraser Buchan 68% in Silver Reef
    • Almonty Industries (AII.v) - Website 
    • Tantalex Resources
    x x x x x x x x x x x
    Gary Freeman
    Successes include selling Pediment to Argonaut
    • Providence Resources - Feb 2012 (PV.v) To board / Eagle plaine / iron range +20%
    • Indico Resources (ceased insider 2012)
    • Sonoro Metals (SMO.v) since 2007
    • Bowmore - ceased insider 2007
    • Providence Resources (2012-2013 insider)
    • Remo Resources (RER.v) - since 2012
    • Precipitate Gold (PRG.v) (since 2012)
    • Unique Resources (UQ.v) (since 2012)
    • Ethos Gold (ECC.v)
    • Remo Resources - 2012

    CEF (Capital Markets) / CEF Holdings - 50% owned by Cheung Kong Holdings  Li Ka Shing listed Company 50% CIBC

    • Barisan Gold
    • Duluth
    • UEC

    Alexei Mordashov Severstal / Nordgold / Aterra Investments / Frontdeal

    • Nordgold bought out
      • High River Gold
    • Nordgold JVs / with
      • Columbus Gold
      • Carlisle Goldfields
    • Aterra Investment Insider Positions
      • Atico Mining
      • Silver Bear Resources
      • GB Minerals (GBL.v) - Phosphate - Guinea Bissau
    Front Street Capital - Management Partners
    • Dual Exploration
    • NGex
    • Metalex
    • Vaaldiam


    1. Very good concept, I read it first at Doug Casey.

      I very much share your other concept (Project Generators) as well.

      I come here for the first time.
      Maybe I will stick to this site. I would appreciate time stamps with your entries.

      All the best,
      Alfred (Munich)

    2. Here is Alfred again,
      unfortunately I haven´t find a form or a emailadress in order to contact you, so I have to do it publicy.
      Is there a way to contact you ?
      Thx ,

      1. Hello Alfred.
        My lesson tonight - bloggers can't edit comments - only delete, I just deleted my own reply!
        I have updated my contact details which are at

        Having seen referrals to the blog from a troll-site I am rather wary of this...but it is a blogging email account.

        Anyway the reply I deleted ....

        Thanks for your comments. Welcome more, the more thoughts on these threads the better to share our knowledge, research and experience.

        I am trying the use the "pages" of the blog as a "sticky" type post so that key themes do not become lost in long strings of posts, "chat" and "noise" as I often find at Stockhouse and similar boards.

        I am trying to use dated "posts" to highlight new material and go into detail on certain aspects.

        However I do take your point that if there are pages of interest no-one wants to have to re-read all of my ramblings to find new material!

        I shall try to find a way to highlight updated material.
        I am also hoping that the tracking spreadsheets on each page will repay peoples effort to revisit pages and see the relative success of key themes.


    3. Appreciate your work here. It is a very comprehensive list. Have you considered priotizing your "good people in good projects" list in terms of liklihood to bring projects on stream and comment on their ability to raise capital which seems to be the main impediment. Also I support the notion of the "good people" have a significant equity stake in their own company, like McEwan and MUX.

    4. Hello MRJ - Thanks for your feedback, it means a lot and is part of what I hope for in blogging rather than just doing this in isolation.
      I'm sure never comprehensive in this vast market.
      Certainly looking to tidy up and merge the key names and their insider positions aswell as directorships.
      I agree clear alignment with share price is best, not just options. "Maintenance" is the danger here so things will keep changing for another month or two then I will date changes which should become rarer and show dates when a section is updated. I won't be able to follow every insider change, the blog can only be an attempt at an honest starting point for your own due diligence. The "pages" around the blog link to tools I use to do the research on insiders etc.
      My aim with the "Good people" theme is that they have a history of delivery which should attract capital to their projects once they have got to certain hurdles. Just on this focus page I may try to code companies as to being virtual shells, grassroots explorers, continued discover, developers, producer etc.

    5. Great summary. I would like to add which has some articles about canadian mining specifically. They seem to worry more about value than general market conditions, however. So they disregard a lot of companies that should be followed in my opinion. I noticed that one of the authors also shows up on bull and bear financial report.

    6. I misspelled the site. I meant to write:

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