Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Junior Gold M&A - Asanko & PMI Gold - On Again? - West African Resources

Back in January we saw this announcement as Keegan and PMI Gold looked for a merger of equals in Ghana.

Can Tapering be Bullish for Gold?

Is this wishful thinking from Stewart Thomson? Or can a turn in monetary velocity, Japanese QE, Indian and Chinese reform drive inflation and a rush to gold in 2014?
Martin Armstrong foresaw the dashing of goldbug dreams but seems to be sensing some of the bearishness necessary for a turn. HERE

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Junior Gold M&A - Primero Bid $220m for Brigus Gold

Joe Conway's Primero (P.TO)  have been one of the few precious metals miners to hold onto their market value in the last few years, holding good cash levels over $100m and generating strong cashflows from operations.

Franco Nevada Streams - Teranga Gold in Senegal and Klondex in Nevada

Continuing the African Gold theme, Teranga Gold (TGZ) in Sengal yesterday announced a significant $135m streaming deal with Franco Nevada, retiring debt, and buying out a partner.

Meanwhile back in the US  Klondex announced a $35m financing with Franco Nevada to progress their purchase of the Nevada Midas mill and mine from Newmont.

Junior Gold M&A - Centamin bid for Ampella follows B2 Gold's Offer for Volta in Burkina Faso - Mark O'Dea Discussion

West Africa is seeing significant M&A activity as the gold miners' shift focus to low capex, low cost projects which can make margins at lower gold prices due to higher grades or low cost heap leach projects.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Rob McEwen Interview

Reported HERE
People are looking at cash flow and margins. The next run in this market is going to be gold moving higher, but it’s also going to be lifted by discoveries and in this type of market, people are saying, “Oh, I don’t want to look at exploration.” But I think right now that’s when you should be looking [at it] because there are going to be some good stories and that’s what has pulled companies out of the doldrums before and they will do it again.

Gold Fund Top Holdings

Some live links to Top Gold and Mining Mutual Fund Holdings - See Side Bar at Bottom Left of this blog for more links

Friday, 6 December 2013

Thursday, 5 December 2013

New Exploration Techniques - Going Deeper Under Cover

My Own Market Narrative pointed out THIS ARTICLE
John Kaiser often discusses the enormous potential for discoveries deep under cover in Nevada, in the gravel filled valleys. Rick Rule has discussed the potential for discoveries under cover in Mexico. These newer techniques may be the spur to junior discovery of the next "Big Anomaly". Landholders in large districts with potential become more interesting. The best geological teams might explore, more economically, over larger areas, with less stock dilution using these techniques. Maybe this is how miners return to rich ore, maybe deeper high grade discoveries put at risk the low grade open pits. Maybe the old mining districts in good jurisdictions can be re-explored in preference to exploration in remote areas with no infrastructure or bad government.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Rick Rule - on Hubris & Bifurcation (plus Stock Picks)

An interview discussing his familiar themes HERE
Also a Transcript of another interview HERE
Plus a lengthy list of stocks discussed in August and older picks at Stockchase

Mines & Money London - Dec 2013

Investorhub     Exhibitors  -     Stocklist

Discussion - Day 1       Day 2

Gold Miner Cost Decreases to Come ?

The industry is under enough pressure on all fronts that the weakest companies could fail. All should aggressively reduce costs, the scramble for people and resources in a hot sector should be gone. With this in

Bob Moriarty 10 Mining Picks

Bob Moriarty has a long record in the gold and mining sector, he takes sponsorship and holds stocks and always makes clear he is biased. He discusses his favourites HERE

Go back and review his articles over 11 years HERE

Monday, 2 December 2013

Scotiabank Global Banking & Markets - Annual Mining Conference - Toronto - 3rd Dec 2013

Senior industry names attending with some 'themes' for discussion - HERE
Archived webcasts at Scotiabank - Day1 - Day 2 - Register HERE

Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Canadian Venture Index - Bre-X

A recent Eric Coffin presentation pointed to a long run chart of the Canadian Venture index. (the chart can be run at Marketwatch).

Comex Gold Claims Per Ounce

There is fierce debate as to how significant this is. The best I can say is there looks to be a significant increase in claims per ounce recently. (Update 21/12 - Longer term chart now updated by Jesse showing that this ratio is dramatically out of line with historic levels.)
Tracked by Jesse