Sunday, 16 September 2012

Pierre Lassonde at the Denver Gold Show 2012

Lassonde is a major industry player, building Franco Nevada and a part of New Gold's growth.

Here at the Denver Gold Show.

Excellent Slides to go with the Presentation

Highlights that new finds are proving elusive - like Cook and Hennigh in the earlier post here.
Expects a breakthrough in exploration technology.

Analysts predictions of the gold price, continuously expect higher then slump. Use current price.
Contrarily they expect higher oil prices on the cost side.

Find projects smaller, high grade, easy to permit in good countries.
Whereas at 14k ft, no water, no electricity, $4bn hard to permit
NPV of something 10 years out is very low.

Gold $Demand has grown x10 in 10 years.
Improved composition of demand. Central Banks buying.

5-10% portfolio allocations to gold are coming from investors.

China and India growth in GDP will continue to drive demand

156T purchases from Central Banks prevented a lower gold price this summer.

Gold:Dow Ratio will go to 1:1

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