Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Junior Financing - Premier Gold

Premier Gold announced a deal to sell off their royalty interests to Sandstorm raising $70m. Cashed up for a number of projects or opportunities.


Pre FOMC - interesting speech on Fed communication by Janet Yelland from Nov-12
The second property, which to me is the essence of the balanced approach, is that reducing the deviation of one variable from its objective must at times involve allowing the other variable to move away from its objective. In particular, reducing inflation may sometimes require a monetary tightening that will lead to a temporary rise in unemployment. And a policy that reduces unemployment may, at times, result in inflation that could temporarily rise above its target.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Speakers & Interviews at Vancouver 2013

Speakers at the Cambridge House Vancouver Conference
Presentations - HERE
Interviews - HERE
Korelin Interviews - HERE
Some Picks and notes below

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Global Hedge Book Analysis - GFMS

Quarterly Reports on Hedging and De-hedging amongst the miners. .....more .....

Geoff Goetz at Cara Community - A turn for Gold and the Miners?

Geoff's timing and analysis have been excellent through 2012.
Now anticipating a turn for the miners. As a trader he clearly recognises the risk of the break down aswell as up.

Jay Taylor - Companies with Growth Potential

Looking for companies with strong balance sheets and growth
Discussion on streamer Sandstorm, top pick for 2013- have had a very good run already in 2012.
Project Generators - Eurasian, Riverside.

Deloitte - 2013 Top 10 issues mining for companies

HT My own Markert Narrative Blog: more ..........

Saturday, 19 January 2013

AME BC Roundup - January 2013

The Association for Mineral Exploration - British Columbia (AME-BC) promotes mineral exploration in Western Canada.
However their Roundup Abstracts are excellent reading on exploration across Canada and by Canadian companies Internationally.................more....

Thursday, 17 January 2013

John Hathaway - Tocquville Gold - Investor Report - 2012-Q4

A good collection of charts and monthly review from one of the leading gold fund managers

Once gold demonstrates that it can trade sustainably above $2000, or 20% above current levels, we believe that gold mining stocks could trade at 13%-15% of spot bullion (basis XAU). That would translate into appreciation of 60%-90% above the urrent XAU level of 160.
Investor sentiment on gold is currently extremely negative, comparable to the levels of mid-May 2012, when gold was trading approximately $100/oz below current levels.....Historically, extreme negative sentiment levels such as these have provided excellent entry points for new positions in bullion and the mining shares.

Mining stock valuations are driven by forecast gold prices, when the charts below point upwards perhaps it will be time to say everyone is in. Until then, as Pierre Lassonde said at Denver, - use spot.

Cambridge House - Vancouver Resource Investment Conference - Jan 2013

Many juniors are short of cash, although select stocks don't have a problem raising cash it seems,

Gold Mining M&A - Alamos bid for Aurizon $780m

Again a strongly rated stock, Alamos, bidding for a poor performer.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bonds and Gold - Chris Laird

Well worth reading and full consideration. The 30 year bond bull market, zero bound rates, accelerating debt growth and the rise in gold are intimately related. Some would say the turn in that bond bull market will be the trigger for gold's greatest upleg.
Laird HERE

Monday, 7 January 2013

Sunday, 6 January 2013

How Miners Can Leverage the Price of Gold / What's Driving Gold companies - Frank Holmes of US Global Investors

A couple of good articles recently.

Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital at Americatalyst 2012 plus document / slides - The Central Bankers' Potemkin Village

This dates from September/October 2012 and is one of the best presentations I have seen from Bass of his views on Japan, Europe, the US and debt.
If the clear turn to debt monetisation in Japan is the beginning of the end he has bet on, will investors flock to the US$ or will they foresee the same problems to come for the US and move to Gold?

Friday, 4 January 2013

Brent Cook Interview

At the Gold Report - Defining what to look for
And outlining the opportunity as good deposits become hard to find.

Dahlman Rose Emerging Miners Conference

4th annual, a number of these have presented for a few years now. A few alumni have been acquired

The Hemlo Discovery

HT to Tommy Humphrey's on posting the Hemlo discovery documentary.

Back to the early 1980's, speaking of a different age of discovery and investing, a 25m oz high grade deposit next to a major highway in Canada. Noranda developing a mine in 2 years, for $250m to mine 1/3 of Canada's gold production. Corona $2 to $20 in weeks. Scepticism on a new discovery in the heart of a district with long exploration.
Then 200 companies follow. The rise of the Vancouver exchange in providing risk capital.

Alf Field - Jan 2013

Sinclair's favoured Elliot Wave Technical analyst
Believes the correction has ended unless there is a renewed decline below $1636
Expects to refine his target after gold breaks $1,800
Continues to foresee $4,500 for this wave 3 of 3.

Full Article HERE
Long history of past articles HERE