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Nevada Gold Exploration

Seeking quality gold exploration companies in safe jurisdictions quickly leads to Nevada in the US.

Ever since the discoveries which put Barrick and Newmont at the top of the Gold mining league, exploration of these deposits has promised great rewards.
See Discovery of the Carlin Deposit
Older Nevada History - Here

In any coming gold junior bull market I can imagine this region drawing many US investors through familiarity and safety.
From a practical, miners' point of view Nevada has a great deal of good infrastructure from its mining heritage, indeed there are high value assets which will need replacement ore-feeds in the coming years. The value of juniors' discoveries in this region should be higher than in remote or high risk regions.

If the next rise in gold relates to a weakening US Dollar then US based production costs should further improve the prospects for US based producer.

Recent successes are Fronteer/Auex at Long Canyon who sold out to Newmont.
I think there are some expert explorers in this region.

In this post I outline a number of companies and then revisit for key people and projects.
At the bottom of the page are a series of price charts and a spreadsheet watchlist in the usual format to assess market cap and proximity to annual price highs or lows and below that maps of regional exploration programmes ............

All junior explorers are risky. The US Bulletin Board stocks (.OB) are generally considered even riskier, with multiple pump and dump schemes. Occasionally good companies can turn up there.

Brent Cook discusses Nevada Geology and history here
Nevada - Site of the Next American Goldrush - Visual Capitalist
Nevada Companies List - Visual Capitalist - Ticker Scores
Nevada Bureau of Mines & Geology NBMG  here
Major Mines of Nevada 2009 at NBMG
Major Mines of Nevada 2010 - moved to Minerals state Nevada
Minerals State Nevada
Nevada Exploration Survey Review of Nevada Exploration Nevada News Feed
Nevada Mining Association
Nevada Bureau of Mines at University of Nevada
     Provide Link to Operating Mines of Nevada
Global Mining Finance - Nevada - 2013 - review of many projects

The Majors - Grew in this heartland, likely buyers of Good Projects
  • Barrick (ABX.TO)
  • Newmont (NEM)
Larger Nevada focused companies with significant exploration "blue sky"
  • Allied Nevada (ANV.TO) - large mine plan plus large exploration potential
  • Premier Gold (PG.TO) (1 of 3 main regions). Recent agreements with Newmont consolidating Rain and Saddle holdings look likely to move Premier towards production.Purchased Cove project from Victoria Gold.
Smaller Mid-Tiers
  • McEwen Mining (MUX.TO) - Nevada  + Mexico + Argentina, merged US Gold who bought out a number of Nevada juniors in the past.
Junior Explorers in the Prospect Generator Model
  • Pilot Gold - (PLG.TO) - Spin out from Fronteer after selling Long Canyon, Nothumberland to Newmont. 
    • Website
    • Presentation
    • Kinsley Mountain as Long Canyon analogue. (JV with Nevada Sunrise), 51% earn into 65%. Past producing mine until 1999.
    • Large projects in Turkey. Newmont holds % after Fronteer deal.
  • Renaissance Gold (REN.TO) - Auex Ventures team after sold Long Canyon to Fronteer
  • Corvus Gold (KOR.TO) - Spin out from International Tower Hill as develop Livengood deposit. Followed by Jordan Roy Byrne. Bullfrog Deposit has PEA
    • Possibly developing high grade section
    • Ivan Lo's Equedia also following
    • Jeff Pontius Geo/Ceo has had significant past success.
  • Miranda Gold (MAD.v) - Well followed, Ken Cunningham. Paul Van Eeden on board. Also in Columbia.
  • Aurion (AU.v) -Updates on Nevada Exploration -  Jim Dines pick as per Co website, more for Mexico with Aurico? Rick Rule was insider.
Junior Emerging Producers

  • Atna (ATN.TO)
  • Scorpio Gold (SGN.v)
    • Presentation Here
    • Website Here
    • Significantly expanded property and exploration
    • Strong Stock High Institutional / Insider Ownership
    • Sentry Select 19.9% ownership
  • Veris Gold (VG.TO) formerly Yukon Nevada Gold (YNG.TO) 
  • Great Basin Gold (GBG.TO) - Delisted - Bankrupt

Junior Explorers 
  • Midway Gold (MDW.v)
    • Website
    • High value, advanced stage projects
    • November 2012 - Financing for $70m
    • Number of projects
    • Key near Barrick
    • Director Roger Newell was a driver of Newmont's exploration in the Carlin Trend
    • Also of interest the Royalties on these projects owned by Golden Predator (GPD.TO)
  • Gold Standard Ventures (GSV.v / GSV : US)
  • Evolving Gold (EVG.TO) - Also Wyoming - Deep targets in Nevada
    • Website
    • Presentation
    • Geologist Larry Dick Discussing Hidden Deposits
    • Ex Newmont geologist Steve Koehler, Nevada expert. 10 geologists on team.
    • Similar model and location near Gold Standard Ventures.
    • Large land holdings over 2 Nevada projects
    • Includes 145sqkm on Carlin trend, 2nd largest position.
    • Largest shareholders, Goldcorp / Sprott
    • Separate JV with Agnico on Rattlesnake Wyoming
    • Columbus Gold (CGT.v) - Also French Guyana development project
    • NuLegacy Gold (NUG.v) - Two Large 100 kmsq land packages optioned near discoveries.
      •  Both projects have geology similar to that of the adjacent multi-million ounce gold discoveries that were made subsequent to acquisition of the properties. 
      • The consolidated Red Hill Prospect is located in the south-east end of the Cortez segment in close geological proximity (just over the hill 20 kilometers) to the famous 21 million ounce Pipeline mine. It is optioned from Barrick Gold, Miranda Gold and Idaho Resources (Wilson property): 
      • • NuLegacy earns 70% for expenditures of US$5.0 million over 5 years; Barrick then has a one-time election to earn back 40% for expenditures of $15.0 million and carry NuLegacy's (then) 30% to production. 
        •NuLegacy earns 60% for US$4 million of expenditures over 5 years and a further 10% on completion of a bankable feasibility study. 
        • NuLegacy earns 100% on expenditures of US$4.0 million over 5 years. more RHP detail.
      • Second Project - Wood Hills South - Long Canyon Area. (Recent Newmont Fronteer/Auex buyout) No longer hold this project
      • Management. Dr Roger Steininger credited with 20m oz Pipeline gold discovery. Long knowledge of Nevada. Albert Matter, finance raising. Advisory board includes Ron Parratt (Auex > Renaissance), Don Ranta, Chester Millar, Nolan Watson (Sandstorm ex SLW) and a Goldcorp Finance VP Rohan Hazelton. 
      • 25% Directors/managers holdings. 25% institutions, 25% friends/family, balance public. Renaissance / Miranada options. Ron Parratt, others on advisory board. Project near Barrick's discovery should get attention.
      • 20 holes drill results to be released June 2012 and 5 months through summer. 
      • Website
      • Presentation
      • Presentation June 2012
      • Updates April 2012
      • Presentation August 2012
      • Significant promotional effort up-coming - in particular tours at Red Hill.
      • News June 2012 - Confirms 3 Large Carlin Type Systems. Oxide gold hole, drill programme.
      • Economic Geologist Quinton Hennigh, now with Brent Cook's Exploration Insights, seen onsite at Red Hill project. See youtube video after approx 1 minute. From geologist Jim Richmond's Love of the Game  
      • Further site visit November 2012 - Jim Richmond
    • Carlin Gold (CGD.v) (Also hold JV on 1000 kmsq Yukon - see Yukon page)
    • Meadow Bay (MAY.TO) - Wide promotion
    • West Kirkland Mining (WKM.v)
    • Victoria Gold (VIT.v)
      • Primary focus currently appears to be Yukon production
      • Relief Canyon sold to Pershing Gold
      • Cove property sold to Premier Gold April-12 for $48m
      • Sold Mill Canyon Property to Barrick May-12 - Increase interest in other Nevada property
      • Realise $ for Yukon development
      • Management 5% - Kinross 19% - 65% Institutionally held (April 12 pres)
      • $30m cash Feb-12
      • Yukon production 2014/5. NPV @ $2k gold > $1bn - Require $430m funding, debt/royalties/fwd streams, asset sales - (Nevada) equity % ?TBC?
      • Website
      • Presentation
    • International Minerals (IMZ.TO) - Sold to Hochschild Oct 2013 -  NEW SPINCO Chapparal Gold
      • In production in Peru with Hochschild
      • Large resources in Ecuador - government permitting plan risk/problems
      • Strong balance sheet
      • Recent sale of Nevada Royalty to Royal Gold
      • Nevada deposits 7.5m oz
        • at "Goldfield" Feasibility 2012 - Potential production 2015 
        • at "Converse" Feasibility 2013 - Potential production 2017
      • Website 
    • Chaparral Gold (CHL.TO)
      • Spin out Nevada Properties from IMZ - Bid by Waterton Feb-14
    • Rye Patch Minerals (RPM.V) 
      • Website
      • Presentation
      • 175 kmsq : Took claims from larger Co Coeur D'Alene at Rochester. Oreana Trend 100kmsq
      • Cortez Trend 65 kmsq, Garden Gate Pass, drilling nr Barrick discovery
      • Have resources
      • Kinross 15%, Insiders 8%, Sprott,Sentry,Dynamic,US Global 35%. No warrants
      • End 2011 $7m cash
      • Joe Kasjo, Bill Howald, Charles Russell, Jonathan Challis
    • Terraco (TEN.v) - Michael Berry likes. Expanded land packages. Adjoin Midway/Barrick JV
      • Website
      • Presentation
      • Royalty on Midway/Barrick Spring Valley project (>3m oz) - Production > 500k 0z, price >$700/oz @ 7%?
      • Almaden project 1m oz nr surface Idaho - Access / Infrastructure
      • Ken Snyder / Charlie Sulfrain experienced Geos ex Barrick / Newmont
      • Moonlight adjacent to Spring Valley on developing Pershing Trend
    • Nevada Sunrise (NEV.v) - Placement from Pilot - Mt Kinsley . Launched higher. Peter Spina at Goldseek promoted. Are they acting as Auex to Pilot as Fronteer? Took back Animas project ?
      • Corazon Gold (CGW.v) / ICN Resources (ICN.v)
      • Gunpoint Exploration (GUN.v)
        • Website
        • Previously known as Christopher James Gold, well regarded at some points.
        • Chairman Randy Reifel established Chesapeake. Was at Francisco Gold sold to Glamis for $390m in 2002. Also at Carson Gold.
        • March 2012 - No warrants,small float.
        • Talapoosa gold-silver and Zebra in Nevada, 2 sliver projects in Mexico
        • Large stake to Chesapeake - 83% as per factsheet Apr-12. 4% management
      • Gryphon Gold (GGA.TO) - Approaching production? Low cash, low grade?
        • CHAPTER 11
        • Website
        • Build Progress - This all looks very real
        • PFS at April 2011
        • $15m secured credit facility with Waterton - full terms of right to buy production?
        • Initial production 40k oz pa to fund ongoing exploration.
      • Timberline (TBR.v - TLR) - Merging with Wolfpack
        • Website
        • Presentation
        • South Eureka - Lookout Mountain project in Nevada - large district 23milesq 
          • Plan "aggressive" exploration. Defined resources + new areas
        • Feb-12 $6m cash - will use $5m +$2m share to buy 100% of Butte Highlands near production
      • Entree Gold  (ETG.TO)
        • More Copper focus. Incl Mongolia
      • Coral Gold (CLH.v) - large low grade ?
        • Website
        • Presentation
        • Robertson alongside Pipeline deposit adjoining Barrick's Cortez Mine, 3.4m oz inferred. Drilling to increase confidence level. Battle Mountain/Cortez Trend. JV with Barrick 2014. 
        • Have "excluded claims" holding 39% and Barrick 61% immediately adjacent to Pipeline mine.
        • Preliminary Economic Assessment
        • Jay Taylor promotes
        • Louis Wolfin  Chairman. David Wolfin
        • Appear to propose heap leach production, though imagine a good offer from Barrick?
        • PEA shows for initial Capex @ $89m + bond $7m
          • $1,000 Gold - NPV (5%) = $    0m
          • $1,500 Gold - NPV (5%) = $136m
          • $2,000 Gold - NPV (5%) = $300m
      • Sniper (SIP.v)
      • Nevada Exploration (NGE.v) - John Kaiser promotes
        • 200sq miles, 9 projects. 2 experienced geodirectors. Wade Hodges and Kenneth Tuller
        • Deals with US Gold at Gold Bar and Tonkin, 165sqkm where can earn NSR on new discovery (now merged into McEwen Mining). Plus generative projects with McEwen agreed in 2012. Also agreements with Northgate (now Aurico).
        • Highlight that majority of current mines and past exploration have concentrated on rock outcrops. The sand & gravel covered valleys are much less explored. Current techniques using blind drilling are extremely expensive. Groundwater chemistry may allow much lower cost exploration. (See map below for current mines). Claim to be leaders in the field.
        • Sept-12 - Grass Valley Project established with McEwen, south of Barrick's big Cortez hills discovery
        • John Kaiser analysis on Grass Valley and more Aug-2013
        • Website
        • Presentation
      • Highway 50 Gold (HWY.v)
      • Bridgeport Ventures (BPV.v) - Merged Premier Royalty / Sandstorm Review Warrants detail. BPV.WT / BPV.WT.A
        • Website
        • Presentation - April-12
        • Holding significant cash - end MAR-12 HOLD $18M = Mkt Cap
        • Hugh Snyder Chairman one of largest shareholders. On Goldcorp/Rio Garcea boards. Part of Founder of Fronteer in 2001. Founder Rio Narcea. Pangea, Southern Era, others.
        • 10 Projects acquired from Fronteer
        • Letter of Intent to merge with Premier Royalty > Use of cash. June 2012
        • Become a royalty play?
      • Pershing Gold (PGLC.OB) (Formerly Sagebrush Gold) - High news recently. BUT - OTCB Stock - pump & dump risk, shot up 60>90c back to 70c @ 30/3/12, 38c @ 20/4/12. I hope they get a listing on a better market.
      • Boxxer Gold (BXX.v) - Range of Projects, more Copper focussed.
      • Global Geoscience (
      • Nubian Resources (NBR.v)
        • Website
        • Osisko & Geoinformatics exploring their property
      • Solitario Exploration & Royalty (SLR.TO) / XPL Amex
      • Ely Gold (ELY.v)
        • JV with Solitario above plus other projects
      • CMQ Resources (NV.v)
      • American Consolidated Minerals (AJC.v) - Bid by Starcore Aug-14
      • Bravada (BVA.v)
        • Website
        • Presentation
        • Number of projects, some past producer / potential re-instate. Agreements with Yamana, Agnico, Newmont. Feb-12 present indicates 25% management / close associate insider positions. Part of Manex group - promotional?
      • Altan Nevada (ANE.v)
        • Website
        • Projects
        • Technical Report "District" scale 13400 acres  = 54 kmsq Star Lake Gold Project
        • 17,000 Ha, number of projects, Top 20 Nevada claim holder
        • Ex Troy Management
        • See also Altan Mongolia AMO
      • Orsa Ventures (ORN.v) - Bought out By Alamos Gold (AGI.TO)
      • Wolfpack Gold Corp (WFP.v) - Acquired by Timberline
      • Till Capital (TIL.v) formerly Americas Bullion Royalty (AMB.TO) formerly Golden Predator(GPD.TO)
        • Remaining property / royalties? Reorganisation ref GPY and acqn by Timberline and Red Kite.
      • Golden Predator (GPY.v) 
      • Canamex (CSQ.v)
      • Comstock Mining (LODE - US Amex) - Formerly Goldspring ?
        • Website
        • Presentation March 12
        • Had been promoted hard, settled back to a base
        • John Winfield Chairman is company's largest shareholder - %?
        • Consolidated entire Comstock district, Nevada. Epithermal Bonanza gold, 8m oz gold, 190m oz silver  past production. 6000 acres, 6 miles
        • Aim for near term production, growth to 200k pa?  Resources 3-5m oz ? Underexplored ?
        • Permitted production ready facility ? Investment $ ?
      • Redstar Gold (RGC.v)
        • Website
        • Presentation
        • Video Presentation
        • Main focus appears to be Alaska and JV at Red Lake, but large number of properties in Nevada
        • Sells Nevada database to Renaissance FEB-14
        • Options Nevada properties to True Grit JAN-14 earn cash & stock 
      • True Grit Resources (TGR-H.v) (formerly Catalina Metals)
        • Option Redstar's Nevada properties Mar-14
      • Ramelius Resources (RMS.ASX)
        • Website
        • Presentation
        • Options from Miranda to earn 70%, though have given Marmota Energy (MEU.ASX) and option to earn 40% of their interest.
        • Strong company with Australian production, emerging production and grassroots. Profitable with high cash.
      • Ashburton Ventures (ABR.v)
        • Website
        • Presentation
        • Premier Gold hold stake. Continues? McGibbon Geo @ PG on advisory board.
        • Active 2012 exploration season planned at 4 Nevada projects as per presentation, however not dated, needed financing? Drill-Core July/Aug/Sept ? Also hold Yukon project near White Gold. New projects in Canada. Cash and focus for very small cap explorer?
      • Invenio (IVO.v)
      • Navaho Gold (NVG.ASX)
      • International Millenium Mining (IMI.v)
        • Eastfield(ETF.v)
        • Max Resource Corp (MXR.v)
          • Website
          • Presentation
          • Multiple properties
          • Presentation March 2012 -  35% Management ownership
          • Mag Silver Director on Board
          • Silver focus? Majuba near ANV's Hycroft - earn to 60 % from Claremont. To 75%
        • Dersert Star Resources (DSR.v)
        • Asher Resources (ACN.v)
        • Walker River Resources (WRR.v)
        • Atoka Gold - yet to list?
        • Kermode Resources (KLM.v)
        • Coronet Metals (CRF.v)
        • New Destiny Mining (NED.v)
        • High Desert Gold (HDG.v) Acquired by South American Silver (SAC.TO) - Name Change to Trimetals Mining - (TMI.TO)
        • Rainbow Resources (RBW.v)
          • Other projects, particularly BC Kootenay Arc, 
          • Plus Nevada Jewel Ridge - Past producer - contiguous Barrick's Ruby Hill and Timberline
          • Website
          • Promotional ? At BullMarket Run website.
        • Goldeye Explorations (GGY.v)
        • Aldrin Resources (ALN.v)
          • Website under development. Projects in Yukon
          • Projects in Nevada announced here
        • Expedition Mining (EXU.v)
          • Another Yukon explorer with Nevada exploration
          • Factsheet
        • Madison Minerals (MMR.v) Battle Mountain Gold (BMG.v) (an old company name bought out by Newmont)
          • Website (Madison's)
          • Appear inactive @ Nov-12? 
          • Interesting BoD
        • International Enexco (IEC.v)
        • Cassini Resources (CZI.ASX)
          • Acquired Search Resources (unlisted Australian)
          • Presentation
          • Renaissance Gold JV
        • Romios Gold (RG.v)
          • Also in BC
        • Teras Ventures (TRA.v)
        • Angus Mining (ANA.v)
          • Website
          • Board includes Bob Buchan
        • Lincoln Ming (LMG.v)
        • Sparton Resources (SRI.v)
        • Spruce Ridge Resources ( SHL.v)
          • JV with NGE
          • Canadian projects
          • John Kaiser following
        • Waseco Resources (WRI.v)
          • Website
          • Main focus is/was uranium? 
          • Interesting director founder of A.C.A. Howe, mining studies company
          • Earn in for 75% interest in Sparton property
          • High grade discovery November-12, very high grade, narrow intervals
        • Phoenix Gold Resources (PXA.v)
          • Listed April 2014
          • Website ?
          • Battle Mountain
        • Idaho North Resources (IDAH.OB)
        • Golden Phoenix Minerals Inc. (GPXM.OB)
        • Bullfrog Gold (BFGC.OB)
        • Cypress Development Corp (CYP.v)
        • Harvest Gold (HVG.v)
        • NV Gold Corporation (NVX.v)
        • Star Gold Corp (SRGZ.OB)
        • Azteca Gold Corp (AZG.v)
        • Ironwood Gold Corp ( IROG.OB)
        • Tac Gold Corporation (TCG.CNX)
        • Regency Gold Corp (RAU.H) (Canada) formerly Silvio Ventures
        • Elissa Resources (ELI.v) 
        • Tonogold Resources Inc (TNGL.OB)
        • Montana gold Mining Company Inc. (MGM.CNX)
        • All American Gold Corp (AAGC.OB) 
        • Spartan Gold (SPAG.OB)
        • Sphere Resources (SPH.H.V)
          • Website
          • Hold > 50% of Spartan
          • Properties in Nevada and Red Lake
          • Marshall Auerbach of Pinetree on the board
          • Propose financing $10m Feb 2013 - Review if closed
        • General Metals Corporation ( GNMT.OB)
          • Very wary of OTC stocks - downtrend stock price June 2012
          • Appear to be preparing PEA for past producing property but presentation promises not delivered, $raise
          • Website
        • Amarok Resources (AMOK.OB)
        • Trio Gold (TGK.v) - promos with Amorok - severe downtrend
        • To research - May not have active projects let alone valid ones
          • Mexivada - once popular,
          • Arnevut Resources
          • Viking Minerals
          • Tuffnell
          • Whitney
          • Advanced Geologic
          • Highlandsgeo
          • Maplex
          • Nevada Gold Holdings - OB
          • Geologix has some Nevada property
          • Empress Mining
          • Emgold
          • Stargold
          • Mill Bay ventures
          • Emeraldscope
          • Romios Gold - also Alaska?
          • Lonestar Gold 
          • RMIC Gold - private? 



        CHAPTER 11

        Detailed Company Info

        Gold Standard Ventures

        Dave Matthewson the Geo does some interesting presentations on Youtube

        Evolving Gold  (EVG.TO)

        NULEGACY - Red Hill & Wood Hills South 200km sq

        MIRANDA (MAD.v) - Includes JV with NuLegacy



        Projects around Nevada

        West Kirkland Mining (WKM.v) Properties Map -

        From WKM's Website


        West Kirkland Mining was formed in 2010 to focus on gold exploration in North America. The company has consolidated significant mineral rights positions in Kirkland Lake Ontario, along the prolific Cadillac-Larder Lake Break and in the major mine trends in northeastern Nevada, including the Jerritt, Carlin, and Battle Mountain Trends, and the emerging Long Canyon Trend. Option agreements have been struck with Fronteer Gold (acquired by Newmont Mining) and Rubicon Minerals in Nevada and Queenston Mining in Ontario. These and other agreements bring West Kirkland's land position to over 1,100 km2 in Nevada along with 94 km2 in Ontario.

        West Kirkland's management team has generated over $1 billion in shareholder value over the past 6 years through the founding of gold and other precious metals exploration companies. They have experience with numerous value-adding transactions from hostile takeovers to mergers and mine construction. Their track record includes the following:

        West Timmins Mining (WTM:TSXV): takeover by Lakeshore Gold for $424 million November 2009

        Mag Silver (MAG:TSX): emerging Mexican silver producer

        Platinum Group Metals (PTM:TSX): emerging South African platinum producer

        These successes have garnered the group much institutional support, which has been the basis of West Kirkland's capitalization. The company was formed by reverse takeover of a capital pool company in May 2009. A highly-oversubscribed $6 million, $0.50/share financing was done concurrently with the takeover. Shortly after, a second highly-oversubscribed $2.6 million, $1.20 financing was completed. The company's shares are over 20% held by management and over 50% held by institutions.

        West Kirkland is a well-structured, well-financed gold explorer, with large and exciting land packages in two of the world's most friendly mining jurisdictions. With a $4 million 2011 exploration budget, and numerous advanced targets in both Ontario and Nevada, West Kirkland is poised for success. We always appreciate the opportunity to stay connected with our investors; please don't hesitate to call anytime with questions or to receive an update.

        ICN Resources (ICN.v)

        Bridgeport Ventures (BPV.v)

        Nevada Gold Explorations (NGE.v)
        Showing current concentration of mines on exposed mountains and lower activity in covered valleys where they claim proprietary groundwater chemistry can assist.

        Topographic relief map of North Central Nevada with historic and current mines shown as yellow, orange, and red dots.  Note: the majority of mines are located in the exposed mountain ranges, while the valleys have seen limited mining activity.  There are still many undiscovered covered resources waiting to be found beneath Nevada’s valleys.  (Scale: approximately 10km grid [6mi])

        Altan Nevada (ANE.v)

        Bravada Projects (BVA.v)

        In context of larger mines

        Victoria Gold in Nevada (VIT.v)

        Carlin Gold (CGD.v)

        CORAL GOLD (CLH.v)

        REDSTAR (RGC.v)

        Max Resource (MXR.v)

        Pilot Gold (PLG.TO)


        Pershing County 
        (Note Relief Canyon see Pershing Gold)

        Wolfpack Gold (WFP.v)

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