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Earnings Calendar
Clearly earnings surprises will move stocks (Go to live site includes revenue target/actual)

Earnings Calendar provided by UK.

  • From Yahoo Mining - a lot
  • Large Date organised news at Northern Miner (Eric Coffin)
  • From Kitco - more selective press releases
  • Searchable on Title and Contents, with company identified at RI Analytics
  • News With Views from Metal Augmentor
  • At HighGrade
  • PDF Documents at Infomine - Subscribe for index - e.g.
Market Movers
Insider Activity
We might expect that Insiders will buy and sell at opportune times.
Knowing who is buying and selling into a company,  following successful investors can be a guide to good investing in the Junior Gold and Silver mining and exploration sector.
There are a number of places to look
  • The official filings are at SEDI - not the easiest to navigate and search but basically select by "issuer" which is company, or insider, which is investor. Each have an i.d. or name, if you can't find the name or i.d. start with an issuer where you know they are an insider to find.
  • Good Free Site for a particular Stock symbol is INVESTORPOINT - select stock symbol, canadian are e.g. ABX:CA and then "Insider" tab to see US and canadian trades , 3 months, 12 months and last 5 but does not show prices
  • Some free alerts on recent activity, much more on subscription at CANADIAN INSIDER
  • Good discussion at Metal Augmentor - A smart site.
Broker Upgrades

Canadian Warrants

Certain Stocks on the Canadian markets have listed, tradeable warrants.
These are only valuable for a limited time and give the right, but not obligation, to buy stock at a set price on a given date.

Dudley Pierce and  Lorimer Wilson at Munknee  have written good articles, promoting Precious Metals Warrants.

There is also a free site Canadian Warrants which lists the warrants, expiry dates and prices. It also show a "bagain" status based on option valuation driven by length of life and volatility. Whether it is truly expensive or a bargain will depend on the performance of the underlying stock.
(Update Dec-13 - The Canadian Warrants site looks to no longer be maintained an additional list of Traded Warrants is at The Financial Post HERE )

Generally look for good companies you want first, long life on the warrant, you usually want to sell before expiry not convert to stock, and reasonable leverage otherwise just own the stock.

When these warrants move into being valuable, the rises are spectacular, similarly so are falls.
Recent examples PVG.WT - increase
NGD.WT.B - decrease
Both months from expiry in April 2012

The symbols can be charted like a stock at the TSX website

I have had a few enormous successes with warrants, Colossus, Osisko and Franco Nevada,  and also wasted money as I held on too long, Pinetree and New Gold. I have not seen the true bargains of 2008 in 2011/12. Feedback welcome on opportunities seen here.


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