Friday, 23 March 2012

OT - London in the Spring

Leave the gold market to do what it does best on Friday.

A little escape to London

Sentiment Extremes in Gold

Two writers who see extreme bearishness in gold and take this as a very bullish sign; the crowd is rarely right.

David Nichols at Fractal Gold

Pater Tenenbarum again following on from his excellent longer review but now seeing Hulbert's newletter sentiment indicator turning "short", to the "Uber bearish" sentiment lows of October 2008 / March 2009. The break of "support" on the Hui at 480 is killing any recent goldbugs.

I sense some capitulation - "Rambus" who I previously linked with some very bullish articles posted this analysis calling for gold prices taking another leg down to $1300 by June.
It may happen, but do collapses begin from such sentiment extremes?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Some are still bullish for Gold and the Miners

The past week has been tough to be bullish on gold and the miners.

An article by Pater Tenenbarum covers the goldbugs' wall of worry here, in particular addressing the performance of the gold miners.

Some however see a simple and necessary consolidation in gold since September coiling to a point of breakout.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Junior Mining - Merchant Bank "Funds"

For those considering investment in very small cap exploration and resources stocks one simple investment option might be to buy a merchant bank and investor in the sector, equally one may choose to take their investments as a degree of due diligence and take an interest in the stocks, be very wary of this given the merchant bank's business models and incentives.

Most ETFs and funds I am aware of focus on much larger companies and situations.

There are a number of merchant banks, only a few of which I understand are investable on the public markets. A review follows......

Friday, 9 March 2012

More PDAC Interviews

Cara Community Post on Brent Cook on BNN and others

Top picks Eurasian Minerals and Lydian.

Likes a lot of the "Prospect / Project Generators" I list here.
This business model can avoid perpetual dilution in  the exploration sector and leverage geological talent, which due to the lost generation in mining can be considered rare.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

PDAC Company Q&A

A few people have kindly requested a list of things that I might find interesting at the PDAC, if I wasn't a little Englander! I would be extremely grateful to hear any of the great stories to come out of PDAC 2012.

One of the first things I put up on the blog was the PDAC Core shack page above, so I fully disclose I

Friday, 2 March 2012

OT - Radiohead

No Manchester connections...

House of Cards - the line Denial.....Denial ..... always comes to mind on a big gold down day

Gold Merger & Acquistions Updates

More Reports indicating major M&A activity to come in the Gold mining space.

I have previously suggested that there comes a point when clear earnings, dividends and value drive a re-rating of the seniors' and producers' stock prices at which point they use re-rated stock-paper to acquire their future mines and resources in the ground, at this point the industry drives significant re-rating of oz in the ground.

Linked Article - Resource Investing News

Thursday, 1 March 2012

West African Exploration

I Link here as part of this blog's series on the Regional Exploration Page

The African goldfields see the ugly face of gold mining; artisanal pits, dangerous conditions and processes that kill.
I would only be happy investing in companies who aim to bring modern mining to these locations.

More Companies & Discussion below

Colombia Gold Exploration

A lazy post because here is someone doing Colombia far better than I can.
Even lazier it's as recommended by Otto at Inca Kola.

I Post here as part of this blog's series on the Regional Exploration Page

The monthly letters, linked below, appear to be freely available, I presume his business is therefore advertising, so as ever beware of writer biases but for me Otto's recommendation gives credibility.

The writer is Paul Harris, interviewed here at Gold Report

Gold Price Forecasts - Waves and Fractals

Three writers who consider fractal and wave views of markets suggest an aggressive gold price growth wave is upon us.

One of these sees the 29th Feb plunge as potentially especially positive, another as an expected pattern.

Crazy Gold Bug Fools?
Check back in a few months !

Alf Fields
David Nichols